Thursday, July 6, 2006

[photo: deck of cards - 15 in a row correctly identified by one Mr. Mike Young.]

Craniotomy will be tomorrow at Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience at 900 Walnut Street. Once again, I’ll be in the waiting room on the 6th floor. While I thought the surgery would be scheduled for first thing in the morning, it’s still up in the air.
There was a surgery scheduled for tomorrow before Mike’s – so he’s considered an “add on.” No idea what that means in terms of timing for tomorrow, but I’ve decided that sitting in the waiting room starting at 7 am for a surgery that might not start until like 3 or something is crazy. I’ll call the hospital in the morning to see if the schedule has been posted and then will aim to get there late morning (like 10 or 11).

Mike did have a fantastic day today. I hadn’t been in to see him since Sunday due to my rotting tonsils (mmm... strep), and he has made a lot of progress since then. Far more alert, head held up straight, eyes equally open, laughing at jokes and making quips right back.

Details from Magee therapists Donna (PT) and Irene (OT): The past couple of days have been the best they’ve seen Mike. Able to fill up a tea kettle with water, able to bathe himself sitting down, and … get this: able to identify 15 playing cards in a row correctly. What? I know! I thought Irene was lying. But, it does seem that his visual fields have opened up a bit. Today, for example, he told me that the 8X10 picture hanging across the room was of him “wearing an orange sweater” and me “wearing a white shirt” (which was actually Baxter’s face in front me – but other than that, he was right.) I also wrote the date on the dry erase board in letters 1” thick and 3” high. He read: “July 6.”

The N.P. who wrote Mike’s discharge forms last Saturday, who wrote the Rx for the taper of Decadron – apologized to me today. I could tell she was nervous talking about it, but I did appreciate her bringing it up and explaining what happened. Turns out, the neurosurgery fellow who was on duty that day didn’t know Mike either and gave the n.p. the order for the taper. Sheeeeesh. Anyhow, I appreciate a heartfelt apology. Never got one of those from nurse Vince….

Jae, Kylee, and Maisy (dog) arrived tonight from their gazillion hour road trip from NH. NJ turnpike had some hellish traffic jam that sidetracked them for about 4 hours, making their trip eleven hours long… Like I said to Jae, “You must really love me.”

I feel like there’s a bunch of fun anecdotes about Mike that I want to share, but I’m too tired to remember them. The nutshell version is that he was charming and sweet, we had some good snuggling time, and he looked physically stronger than I have seen him in a long while. I feel good going into tomorrow’s surgery.

And finally, the folks at Magee were wonderful as we said goodbye. They’re all rooting for us. I’m excited to get back there with a new and improved cyst-free Mike who’s ready to get better and for the first time in 4 months, remember a lil’ something.


Jalena said...

This is wonderful!!! Dont expect overnight improvement but it will come and hopefully old Mike is going to blow your socks off!!!
I'lll be watching to see how he does tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

hi Danna - hope you're feeling better, take it easy before heading back into the trenches. We'll be thinking of you both tomorrow & keeping an eye out for news. btw, that little wet smiling Bax sure is a cutie. Big hugs xoxo Kiki, Mike & peeps

Michaela said...

Soen, Scott, and I are all thinking of you and Mike. Soen saw the picture of Baxter and himself on the swing and said, "whoo-hoo. baby baxter!" Kisses for you, tell Mike to kick these cysts' arses today.