Thursday, July 27, 2006 - 8 pm

Lots to write, but only a little time before I go to the dentist and get my MUCH needed mouthguard to save my teeth in the night.

1) Saw the World Cafe Live space with DonDon this afternoon. It's stunning. Tix will probably go on sale tomorrow or Saturday. The space will have table seating (with table service for those interested in eating) as well as general admission theater seats right smack dab in the front. All seats have a decent view. All tix (whether for reserved table seating on the sides or theater seating in the front) are $10. Doors to open at 6, showtime start is 7:30 pm. Again, the date is Sunday, August 27th. Performers: we will have access to the space for tech and run through from about 2 pm that afternoon.

2) Random question - I cannot find my Canon Digital camera. I usually keep it in the kitchen on the counter or in the dining room on a shelf. Anyone grab mine by accident while over eating all this glorious food? It's the one filled with photos of a beautiful red-headed baby boy.

3) Had a big fat breakdown this afternoon. Very much missing Michael. The funny, floppy, bouncy, smooshy, laughing Michael. Lonia's leaving tomorrow morning and I think it will be lonely. Grieving feels less like being depressed and more like being hit in the gut with a crowbar...but no one is holding you down... you just can't seem to move your feet to run away.


Anonymous said...


Reference the camera:

Look on the hutch where the cards are kept. I seem to have noticed one there...also in the basket of goodies on the hutch or on top of the cookbooks?

Good luck. M

The Brain said...

Is that last post from Mike?

Smoosher, you never know where stuff is... Is this a new super-worldly power you've acquired?