Sunday, July 9, 2006 - 2nd morning post

So, I had an idea! I kept trying to figure out how to properly thank Andrews and Evans for the gift it appears that they have given us in fixing Mr. Young. Yes we have a long road ahead of us, but after Friday night's miracle, I really believe that they've brought Mike back to us.

Flowers? Balloons? L.A.M.E.

The best way to thank them is for each and every one of us to tell them in our own words what this means to us. And the blog is a great way to do this efficiently. I would really appreciate it if you (all of you - not just the folks here in Philly who know us really well, but those of you near and far who have simply been following the journey)... would take a minute to post a little note to Dr. Andrews and Dr. Evans. I'm going to copy the awesome wedding gift that CSM made for Mike and me with "wedding advice" given by all of our wedding guests. I'll print out all the comments and format them into a large framed picture or a huge card or something. I think they will be shocked at the number of people who appreciate the magic they work.

So, post away!!!!


Don said...

Dr. Andrews and Dr. Evans,

Thanks for working so hard on our buddy Mike.

-Don & Kathleen

PS What's this mole on my back?

Mary said...

Dr. Andrews and Dr. Evans,

Thank you so much for all you have done for Mike. In addition to being gifted surgeons, you have shown amazing compassion and empathy. We are all truly grateful.

Pat Lazar said...

Dr. Evans and Dr. Andrews: A sincere thank you for the great care you have given to such a great, great person.

Pat Lazar

Heide said...

Dr. Andrews and Dr. Evans,

I understand Mike is your "special case" because it is so unusual. I imagine you spend a lot of time thinking about his case, trying to put all the pieces together to solve this mystery. I am honored to have such great minds right here in Philadelphia working on my good friend's husband's unfortunate medical condition. Thank you for sticking with Mike Young. I'm happy that you are on his team during this awful chapter in his life's story.

Heide Fraley

Cheryl said...

Dr. Andrews and Dr. Evans,

Thank you, so much, for everything you've done for Mike, Danna, and Baxter - and for all of us who love them. I am grateful for your professional skill and have been inspired by your dedication and humanity over these months.

Cheryl and Randy Wise

Anonymous said...

Dr. Andrews, Dr. Evans, and Dr. Lee,

Thank you so much for the care you're giving Mike and for being so open with wonderful Danna.

Fred and Dinah Lovitch