Sunday, July 23, 2006 - 10:30 pm

Does anyone know people at World Cafe Live? They have an indeal venue that we would like to use for our bash in late August. I'm sure I could work things myself, but having a personal "in" is always helpful.

Thanks to all who showed up to the ComedySportz shows last night. They were brilliant. I laughed so hard I was exhausted. I hadn't seen a show in a while. What we do is really pretty amazing up there. It's such a joy to watch. And while we were there, Mike was everywhere. In the best possible way.

The weirdest, yet coolest, part of the evening was having some dinner and coversation with Gabe, the person responsible for my learning about ComedySportz and meeting Mike in August 1999.

After living in Philly for only a week (about to start grad school at Penn), a bunch of grad students went to Doobie's pub for drinks. One of my classmates met up with some of his old college buddies while we were at the bar. One of whom was Gabe. He started talking improv and ComedySportz. I had performed in TheatreSportz at the University of New Hampshire for 4 years and had started a longform group in Portsmouth in the spring of 1999 so was so excited to hear about ComedySportz in Philly. Gabe told me that CSz was having annual auditions in 2 days AND that he was having a going away bash at his apartment the very next night where many of the performers were bound to be. You see, Gabe was moving out of town the following week - weird.

So, the next night, I go to Gabe's house, meet Kevin and Mike (who I assume are gay - a whole other story). I audition two days later and get the call from one Mr. Mike Young that I was invited to be a member of the company. I saw Gabe play one ComedySportz show that weekend, and then *poof* Gabe was gone.

I don't think I have seen Gabe live and in person since that time in fall, 1999. Occasional emails to ComedySportz and crazy tales of Gabe's adventures in NYC, but I haven't actually seen him.

Last night, talking with him about everything that has transpired over the past seven years confirmed this feeling I've found overwhelming for the past several days - that I met Mike, fell in love... blinked... and he was gone. In there we traveled, performed, had amazing times with friends, got married, had a baby, bought a house - but it all happened in the amount of time it takes to blink your eyes. Just like that. Gone.

It's fucked up.

There, Gabe. I didn't use the asterisk. So there.

It's fucked up.


Heide said...


I might have an indirect connection at World Cafe Live. Not a super personal connection, but I know someone who has organized several events there and would know the ropes and hopefully give me a name or two. I just emailed her and hopefully she will get back to me soon. Knowing her, she just might do some calling for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Danna,
I know the guy who "owns" World Cafe. He WAS a client of ours and told us about this dream to open the cafe about 10 years ago. I will try to reconnect with him. We have mutual friends.
I also have a video taped show of ComedySportz that aired on our local cable TV in Oct of 1996. Did Mike have a copy?? If not I will send it down, let me know. Meanwhile, I'll contact Hal.
Peggie Walsh

The Brain said...

hey! thanks everyone with contacts here.... I think I got it! Details to come, but it's gonna be big and fabulous.


Rosa said...

also, don't forget that your dear friends Rosa and Ted were the ones who introduced you to Gabe on purpose in order to hook you into CSz! :)

I remember that night of the party so well - it was an astounding event to have all those performers in the room, trying their damndest to impress - except for Mike. He just smiled, was cool, and didn't have to blink an eyelash to command attention. Smooth! I remember thinking. And you said something to me like, wow, he is SO cute, and I thought to myself, yeah, but attainable? Naw. Way too cool :)