Saturday, July 8, 2006 - morning

Ok, f*ck a big ol' duck.

Before we pop the champagne, let's hold our horses. Just talked to Mike on the phone... pretty freaking out of it. They think there's some post-op swelling in there. Probably normal, but still rendering him a little bit more like the Mike's we've seen over the past 3 months. Given his cognitive status last night, I have to imagine that once swelling subsides, we'll be in the clear, but he's a space cadet right now.

So, before you run in there and want to talk to him about this whole f*cked up experience, know that he's not all there today. I'm not upset because I have sort of held my breath the past 24 hours anyway, but I do feel like we need to pace ourselves in how we interpret yesterday's post-surgery "miracle."

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