Saturday, July 15, 2006 - 4 pm

Mike's been transferred back to the Gibbon Building at Jefferson (between 10th and 11th and Sansom and Chestnut). He's in the NICU, 9th floor in room 9321 - behind the double doors

Note to visitors: They have opened up a brand new parking garage that's connected to the building. The entrance is on 10th street, and it accesses the Gibbon building on the 2nd floor, near the cafeteria. You can validate your garage ticket on the 2nd floor of Gibbon - this will give you discounted parking.

Mike's C.O. is still good (4-5). But his kidneys and liver continue to be on strike. Normal urine output is around 30 ccs an hour. Mike's has been between 5 and 20 for two days. It's going to take them some time to get over the fact that they had very little blood flow for a couple of days. Tomorrow, they're going to put in the access line for dialysis. (a giant IV). They're going to do this in the cardiovascular interventional radiology unit - so that he's in a controlled environment. This is because he's still in full blown DIC and any attempt to put a line in is risky due to clotting/bleeding issues.

Dialysis means they are going to redirect his blood through a sort of external kidney to be cleansed and then it will be redirected back into Mike. Dialysis is tough on the heart though. It requires good pressure to get it pumped out to that external kidney and back into the body.

He's still on the ventilator, receiving oxygen at the rate of 14 breaths per minute. His actual respiratory rate is 20-23, meaning Mike's breathing about 6-9 breaths per minute on his own.

He's currently receiving constant blood transfusions - and has been for several days - because of the DIC. He's receiving ffp (plasma), some platelets, and some packed red blood cells.


Anonymous said...


Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I know I don't know Mike in the same way that many others do, but I have so much respect for him. He has been such an unbelievable trooper. I am constantly amazed at how he continues to fight. If god could only bless us all with the will that he has the world would be a much better place. He has to win this battle as there are so many stories about you that I want to share with him! Please send our love to him!

Jenna, Ed, and Mason

Anonymous said...


We have been keeping up with Mike's story, hoping that he will be getting better soon. Know that we have been saying many prayers for your family. What a strong man Mike has been! He can beat this thing!!!

Thinking of you often...

Emily, Tim, and Zachary Jones

Anonymous said...

I thought about e-mailing you since the begining of your story and I just could never put in words just how much of a strong woman you are. Mike is ever so lucky to have you in his life. I work at JHN and I have grown to respect the word called "LOVE". Through you I have understood the true meaning of the word. Everyone is brought into our lives for a reson and God had a plan for you guys. I pray for you every day, for the strength to go about your day with a smile. You are by far the most pleasant person I have encountered. You were brought in my life for a reason and I thank you. I hope everyone in thier lifetime could experience what Mike and yourself have. By far it would be better world. My thoughts are with you guys.