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Here is another romantic - yet neurotic - email exchange between Mike and me from those early days. They reveal what huge dorks we are - but also how smitten we were. Monday, March 6 was the day after our 4th Sunday night movie date. We were quickly falling in love and freaking OUT about it. Little interesting tidbit - in the 11:20 am email to Mike, I mentioned how he's going to be travelling to Hawaii (to hike and camp) and how jealous I was of him. Well, soon after this email exchange, he told me that he couldn't imagine going there without me. I ended up taking that trip with him a month and a half after this email exchange. It was the best vacation ever.

ps: No idea how either of us got anything done this day. It looks like all we did was email each other.


Monday, March 6, 2000 10:43 am
From Dannagal Goldthwaite
To: Mike Young

Hey! Guess who just got out of bed and is in her pajamas as we speak? Ok, maybe Margaret Thatcher… but I was actually referring to me.
I had a wonderful time last night, Mike. Hope you had a good sleep.


Monday, March 6, 2000 11:04 am
From Young, Mike
To: Danna Goldthwaite

You just got out of bed? Okay, now I’m jealous. My body is angry at me today for not giving it enough rest. I think it may go on strike soon.

I had a deliriously wonderful time last night. I think my favorite moment was when we were sitting on the couch, limbs intertwined, reading through the Book of Questions and laughing. It was charming, playful, and joyous all at once – a perfect beat in time.

This morning I was thinking of some things we said last night, and how I’m stressing out on how this is going WAY faster than I had planned. But then I realized why I wanted to go down this road: to follow my feelings and get messy. And messy is certainly what I’ve got.

Happy, sunny Monday to you.


Monday, March 6,2000 11:20 am
From: Danna Goldthwaite
To: Mike Young

You went down this road to get messy? Ok, now Mike, I think you’re changing the reason why you went down this road to be consistent with what has actually happened since you started down it… Which is completely understandable, since two hyper-rational people like ourselves would like to believe that everything that is currently happening is under control…albeit “controlled and intended messiness.” I’d just like to throw out the idea that perhaps you went down this road to follow your feelings, but the messiness has just happened… Let’s not kid ourselves…we have no role in what’s going on here. If it makes you feel better to tell yourself that you were looking for “messy” because it makes you feel under control in the fact that you’ve found “messy,” go ahead…

And I’ll have you know that the only reason I’m saying ANY of this is because my dearest danna and I have had this debate back and forth since I got home last night. In the spirit of Mike Young, here is how this debate went:

DL = Danna’s logos
DE = Danna’s eros

DL: Ok, WHAT is going on here, young lady? WHAT are you doing?
DE: No-no-no… it’s ok, It’s really ok. It’s under control.
DL: Do you think I just fell of the parsnip truck? It is so NOT under control. I’ve been listening in on some of these conversations you and your eros friends have been having over there. We’re talking major chaotic disaster, here.
DE: no… you misunderstand. We are completely prepared for this. We planned for it to be all nutty like this. Consider it “controlled chaos.”
DL: You and your ill attempts at rationalizing. Fortunately that’s my job.

I’m just about to get on my bathing suit and lay in the sunshine that’s streaming through my window onto my mauve carpet, while I do some heavy reading. What a life.

And go ahead and be jealous… cause you’re going to Hawaii, ‘member?


March 6, 2000 11:53 am
From: Mike Young
To: Danna Goldthwaite

Okay, okay, getting messy wasn’t necessarily the main goal. But I’m pretty sure I already explained it this way to you (because it’s the same way I’ve said it to everyone): my modus operandi when presented with a decision is to research, mull over, and then make the sensible decision. The decision usually turns out to be the right one, or at least a workable solution.

There are several people I know who are more capricious, and would rather dive in and muck around to find out what’s right. I’m not wired that way, nor would I want to be. Being a little more patient is usually the prudent course, and you don’t get so dirty from rolling around in the muck. But I do understand that those who are willing to go into the muck are, at least to some extent, more alive as a result. So following my heart and getting messy are, to me, part of the same plan.

And I remember back when we were first discussing whether or not we should get involved, you saying “If we do this, we have to go like, turtle-slow,” and though I fully agreed, somewhere inside a small part of me kind of knew that was folly.

The truth is that I would much rather be near you than not. Which is why any attempts to ration out exposure to you aren’t working.

So I embrace the crisp simplicity of this moment. Even if we eventually end up in an emotional train wreck, I am thankful for this glorious experience. We get too few chances to really feel alive, to feel human.

And I’d be happy to ballroom dance, but the soundtrack at least right now, is all wrong. It’s funky house music – nothing subtle about it.


March 6, 2000 1:54 pm
From: Danna Goldthwaite
To: Mike Young


You have got to abandon that emotional train wreck analogy. SER-iously. It conjures up all sorts of unpleasant visual images. And thanks for quoting my “we’ll have to go like, turtle-slow” statement. – sigh - I can’t figure out if I’m more annoyed that I used the work “like” in that context, or if I’m just generally kicking myself for jinxing us by bringing up that thought in the first place. I don’t think I would ever have said that if I didn’t have some idea in the back of my head that once this can of worms was opened, it was going to be chaos.

I must share with you what a wonderful day I’m having. Ok, still have not showered, but read a dense article, wrote a paper, and am eating lunch in the sunshine. Somehow I channeled my energy into productive activity. Who knew?

Couple of thoughts:
I wish my work existed within the parameters of 9-5
I wish I had a car.
I wish we were neighbors.
I wish I understood the art of subtlety.


March 6, 2000 2:45 pm
From: Mike Young
To: Danna Goldthwaite

I’ll abandon the analogy, but you must admit it’s effective. You abandon the can of worms analogy. Icky.

Huzzah for productivity!

Couple of thoughts;

I wish your work existed within the parameters of 9-5
I wish we could get away to some secluded place for the next couple of days – some place with no sense of time.
I hope this feeling lasts a while.

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