Saturday, July 1, 2006 - evening

[Mmmm... latte]

Couple of interesting tidbits/details –

This morning, Mike looked really sleepy and lethargic – but a few insults from the wife, along with a Starbucks iced vanilla latte and he was doing quite well.

They were so happy to see him back at Magee. Kit was there. When she asked Mike who she was, he looked right at her and replied clearly, “A pain in my ass.” She loved it!

In an odd coincidence, Dr. Georgia, whose official rotation at Magee ended the last day of June (yesterday) was the on-call resident at Magee today – so she was the doctor who examined Mike as he was admitted to Magee this afternoon. Yay, Dr. Georgia!
When Dr, Georgia was going Mike’s medication list from JHN, she asked why he was on Cipro (an antibiotic). “Does he have a UTI?” she asked. Not to my knowledge. She called over to JHN and sure enough, UTI. Interesting. No one at JHN informed me of Mike's UTI.

Another funny (slightly horrifying) thing on the medication list?
Right there in the handwriting of some unknown resident/n.p. who wrote out the list of meds and discharge instructions yesterday… a prescription for a TAPER of DECADRON. No, I am not shitting you. And we’re not just talking a slow taper over like a month, either. We’re talking from 24 mg/day (which he’s on now) to NONE by the end of the goddamn week. Yeah, what the F%&K is right. We had to laugh. It was too absurd.

“Ummm, you don’t have to follow that, do you?” I asked Georgia.


So, because I am a tattletale by trade (thanks to my status as a younger sister), I tried desperately to decipher the signature of the do-do bird who wrote out this prescription for running my husband into the freaking ground. Couldn’t read it for the life of me. So, I called the NICU at Jeff and talked to Mike’s nurse from today (Terry – very very sweet) to ask who it was who filled this form out. She said she didn’t know and didn’t recognize the signature (she has a copy on file there).

I told her about the taper and she was like, “What? Even I know that Mike can’t have his decadron decreased… besides, he’s having surgery Friday!” Right-o, as Grampa Goldthwaite would say. She said she would look into it and figure out who it was.

I am most definitely going to follow up with Evans and Andrews about this. For gosh sakes – the taper is what sent Mike back to the NICU in the first place. GEEEEEzus. Thank gosh Dr. Georgia is the one who admitted him.

One other weird thing
– yesterday a nurse was treating the patient in the bed next to Mike and I totally knew that I knew her. She took a double take with me, too. So for 10 minutes we tried to figure it out. Penn? No. Gibbon ICU? No. Queen village? No.

“Maybe it was a social outing?,” I asked, “Cause I know that I know you and that I like you.”

Then she spotted the picture of Mike, Bax, and me on the wall. “Wait! I know him. I recognize him in the photo.”

Turns out – she’s an ER nurse. She was in the ER the night we got Mike admitted on March 18.
She was the one who helped get Mike admitted when the stupid ER doc was like, [read in a jerky voice] “We saw Mr. Young last night. We ran all the tests. There’s nothing more we can do.” She was the one who did a little neuro exam (“remember these three things: purple cow, green grass, blue table”) and Mike failed miserably. That was like three and a half months ago, and I still remember the three things. Mike couldn't recall after 30 seconds.

She was shocked to learn that Mike had basically been in the hospital since that night. She told me that she remembered feeling so bad for me because it was clear I knew something was really wrong. I told her how the next day (3/19) Mike’s sodium spiked to 168, and we learned his shunt was infected with staph.

It was just a very weird moment seeing the person who was there when this all began and realizing how freaking long this journey has been. And no... the journey's not over yet.


beth said...

Hey there - Just thought I would tell you that yesterday when we called you from the roof at Magee - it's so nice up there - Mike perked up so much when he realized he was taking to you. He was fine when we were visiting, but a little sleepy and not particularly interacitve, but when he talked to you on the phone he was amimated and smiling and much more engaged than he had been with us. I think maybe he likes you, and I think maybe Kebbe not so much...... :)

Love you,


Coleen (Dougherty) McAdam said...

Hi Danna;

It's Kevin's sister Coleen. Just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you every day- I try to read the blog each day but sometimes the little ones dont let that happen! As I am sure you know, my daughter Emily had a brain injury at birth, has a VP shunt and had neurosurgery almost 1 year ago (left temporal lobectomy and removal of a cyst in the left occipital lobe). Scott (my husband) and I still "joke" when we say - well, yeah, it is (was) brain surgery! Emily is doing and saying things that no one ever thought she would- a true testament to the plasticity of the brain and its ability to compensate for damaged areas---

I cannot imagine how hard this long journey has been for you- please know that many many people are thinking of you, Mike, and Baxter and have you in our prayers (to whom I dont know- but prayers nonetheless! :)- We are hoping to make it down to see Beth "preggo"- so we would love to see you, Baxter and Mike if he is feeling up to it.
Much love, Coleen, Scott, Emily and Cara

Anonymous said...

Danna & Baxter - Just wanted to let you know that Scott, Noah and I are thinking of you. What a crazy week you've had (what a crazy 9 months you've had). Glad to know that Dr. Georgia was there to readmit Mike. She rocks. Hugs to Mike for the coming week of rehab, strengthening and surgery!

Love you!