A Question and some info about Ticketing and Seating for the Tribute Show

1) Anyone ever sell a car privately to someone out of state - or in state for that matter? I have a buyer from ComedySportz Indianapolis (!) and we're trying to figure out how to do the sale so that she can actually drive Harvey back home after coming to the big bash on the 27th. How should we transfer title and registration etc? Is there a quick easy way to do this?

2) Many folks have questions about the August 27th show and the seating and ticketing. Here's some info:

a) Tix will be available soon at www.worldcafelive.com. (I'm not sure exactly when they're going on sale. Maybe Sat or Sun? I'll let you know on the blog as soon as it happens). You may order them online with a credit card, or by phone.

b) When you buy tix you'll have the option of either general admission seating (for theater-style seating right down on the floor in front or in the balcony - also a great view) OR reserved table seating (on the sides and in back). If you want to get there when doors open at 6 pm to eat dinner at one of the tables and/or eat food at a table throughout the show, you should try to get a reserved table seat. If you choose to sit at a table, you will get to pick your actual seat from an on-line illustration of the layout of the venue on the World Cafe website. If you do not choose to sit at a table, but instead purchase a general admission ticket, you do not get to pick your actual seat. With general admission, you can still order food (to eat at the bar) and you can get drinks throughout the show. They serve food/drinks all night long as the show is going on. The only difference with GA is that you aren't at an actual table.

c) All tix are $10. There will be a donation table at the show where additional donations can be made by check or cash to benefit either 1) Jefferson, 2) Comedysportz (towards space improvements), or 3) Baxter's bright bright future.

d) With the current layout, I think the space will fit 4-500 people. I am holding 100 tickets on reserve (50 table seats and 50 general admission) just in case they sell out fast and friends/family/nurses/coworkers miss out on those first 3-400 tix. By holding back these 100 tickets, it's basically allowing us to make sure that all the folks we know (or know of...) get seats. Because the tickets are going to be made available through the World Cafe Live website, it is possible that random people might scoop some up even before we actually publicize the event in a couple of weeks. If the thing sells out crazy fast, I may consider altering the layout to fit more people by reducing the number of tables. Not sure how this works, but it's possible. POINT: If you are told that the event is sold out, you MUST email me at 185cranios@gmail.com and I'll make certain they hold tickets for you.

e) ALL performers: if you plan of watching the show from an actual seat in the house after or before your bit, I would recommend you get a ticket. Yes, it's going to cost you $10, you cheap bastards. Fine, I'll reimburse you if you want. Mike might not - but I will.


Anonymous said...

hey danna,

we just sold two cars, both to out-of-state people. in both cases we just went to our local notary/tags guy (check the yellow pages) with the title, and the buyer had to give proof of current insurance (on any vehicle) and driver's license (to establish residency). Individual states do vary somewhat in terms of what they require of the buyer with regard to tags; for example, in PA, the state requires the buyer to purchase a temporary/transit tag just to drive it out of the state, but NJ may differ here. (Note that the buyer should also be prepared to pay their own state's sales tax, if any, on the purchase price.) You might call a notary's office just to double-check on the above before closing the deal.

I'm so glad you're still posting--I check in on you every day. It's good to have the show to focus on, but it's good to let the grief in as it comes, too. One day at a time. And squeeze that little boy when the going gets rough.

When you're ready to start your political campaign, let us know--we can fundraise with the best of them!

xo Megan and Michael

The Brain said...

Megan - thank you so much for the very helpful info. Gosh this blog is amazing in terms of the help, information, and catharsis it provides. Truly priceles..

Love and hugs to Willa and Jam,

karenle893 said...

Rob Morris says-
"you need a bill of sale. The bill of sale says' I , danna goldthwaite young,on (this date),hereby transfer all my right, title and interest into the 1999 Saturn Coupe, vin #..........., liscene plate \#......... to MR> SMITH, as is, where is, and with all faults."

both people need to sign. when it's signed notify the state of the transfer (NJ) and notify your insurance company.
The buyer needs to register the car in his state and pay the sales tax.

You need to fill out an odometer statement.(probably)

questions, email robmmorris@comcast.net

you have no obligation to collect the tax.

Cheryl said...

Check out the DMV sites for both states. We had a crazy little time registering the truck my dad transferred to Randy (b/c we're cheapos who registered it in Wyoming to save on insurance). We actually had to have a township police officer come out to the house to verify the VIN. (it won't be complicated for you if you and the buyer are in the same place at the same time with the title, driver's license, a checkbook, and the car)

Also, any other time I've done this, it's been thru AAA notary services, if you happen to have AAA.

Anonymous said...

Just checked the worldcafelive website and tickets are now (8:30 pm pacific time) available.

The Brain said...

Yup- tix WERE available late last night, but the "reserved table seat" feature wasn't working correctly. I think they took it down to get that straightened out.

I'm sure they'll be back up and available either later today or Monday morning.