Monday, July 31, 2006 11:30 pm

As much as this sucks and sucks and blows and sucks... I am so lucky to have so many kind and amazing people in my life. I keep returning to this theme. The role of social networks - the goodness of others. Our ability to care for one another and lift each other up. Today I had great chats with Russ and then with Lance, Jenny, Steve, and Scott from UDel who brought food and beer and laughs.

I took Susan's suggestion to heart and wrote in my lunch/dinner dates and other hoo-ha on the calendar. Great idea, CSM. Yet again.

This is just to say that reading posts and emails today really showed me that I'm not alone. Not only that I am processing my grief as many other people have in the past with the loss of a loved one... but that right now, other loved ones are grieving for the loss of Michael in a similar way to me. And that makes me feel like I'm not alone.

This blog is an amazing thing. It gives us a space to come and share our pain and laughter, our memories and our sadness and our hope for the future. It's served so many different purposes over these months, but now, turning to it to share this experience with you all- once again brings me strength.

Love to you all. I hope you .. .and I... sleep well.



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Anonymous said...

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Emer said...

Hey Dana,

Its Emer, Sandra buddy from so her life at Penn long ago. I have been keeping up with your blog since Sandra told me about it but was away for the last 2 weeks. I logged on this morning and learnt that Mike died. I only met you guys a couple of times and saw many performances. I feel like I know you both really well though b/c Sandra talks about you a lot and to be honest it only took one meeting with Mike for a lasting impression to be made. Anyway I called Sandra this morning once I caught up with the blog and found myself sobbing. If I, who barely knew the guy, feel bereft at his passing I can only imagine what you and your close friends and family feel. Clearly the man touched all who met him very deeply. Of all the mental images I have perhaps the best is Mike as Pippylongstockings (he had the perfect hair for it) at a Halloween bash Sandra threw while she still lived in Philly.

So know that someone Mike met once or twice has been greatly affected by him, know that I will miss knowing that he is in the world, and know that I am thinking of you and Baxter and all your firends and family.

See you on the 27th.