Monday, July 3, 2006 - late morning

Thanks to all who replied so quickly to my sos. Looks like Bax is going to have a great day tomorrow. Titi Sasha and Titi Dee (Titi= auntie in spanish, i think) are going to steal Bax away tomorrow morning for a 4th of July filled with fun and friends - including an afternoon romp with his buddy Soen. Hopefully by tomorrow evening I'll be back in action. The Rx motrin is already relieving the icky throbbing pain in my joints.

A huge thank you to Michelle who quickly ran out to pick up my Rx and came back with a pile of trashy mags to accompany my antibiotics.

Thanks again. I love you all very much.


Anonymous said...

Happy fourth, Danna! Hope you are feeling better!

Love, Tom, Murf, Meg and the hardy boys

Anonymous said...