A Message from Jae and CSM

Hi everyone. Danna isn't here right now... but we've been talking and wanted to share a quick thought with you all... as you may know, things are a little unsettling right this second... Mike's condition is changing a lot and there aren't a lot of answers that Danna can give to all the questions that everyone has right now... so we thought we'd suggest that everyone take a collective deep breath and give her some space on that front. Hope you don't mind our being direct... but it would likely help her in coping with things?

If we could all turn of our nervous energy into prayer and supportive thoughts for Mike, Danna and Bax right now... the answers are sure to come when they are available.

If you all want to post your supportive words, we're sure she would be comforted to read them... but maybe we can pause on the Qs for a bit? We'd be grateful for your unconditional love and support.

Love, Jae and Susan


Anonymous said...

y'all are smart. thanks for the thoughtful post during this trying time.

[unrelated side note: CSM, congrats on the Giant Purse ... I heard you on WXPN this morning! It's the first time I put together that CSM = Mike & Danna's great supporter susan = viv pickle. I've been enjoying the retro print purse that Mike gave me several xmasses ago. All it's missing is the cool vp tag.]


Michaela said...

All our thoughts are with Mike right now. Please let Danna though that while we aren't calling her--if she needs anything at all just to call us and we'll be there.
Thanks for taking such good care of Bax and Danna. I'm glad you're in town Jae.
All our love,
Michaela, Scott, and Soen

Anonymous said...

Jae - So glad that you're there for Danna & Bax right now. We're sending our prayers and thoughts non-stop!
Liz, Scott & Noah

MJC said...

Total unquestioning love and support, and worry.

Beth said...

I am thinking of you guys every minute.



Anonymous said...

Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers.

Deb and Eric

Lance Holbert said...

Mike remains in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to call. Lance Holbert, 302-733-7941. Things are going to be up in the air until Mike's condition can stabalize. I am happy to drop whatever, whenever to help out.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family Danna.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that while Danna is advocating for Mike, Jae and CSM are both there to advocate for her. I'm available at a moment's notice.
Miss Wah

Anonymous said...

Mike, Danna, Bax
Good thoughts from my heart to all of you.

Di and Kel said...

Sending all good thoughts your way.

Love and hugs,

Di & Kel

Jalena said...

Hi Danna- My heart is with you and Mike. I am praying that things will stablize so if good thoughts can do anything, then he is getting tons and tons of them!!! Just hang in as much as you can and then rely on others. They are there for you. I'll be checking in often because you know how much I care.

francine and craig said...

Danna (and Jae)---we're thinking of you and Bax and Mike and praying for a recovery. I'm sure Evans and Andrews are doing their best and will do all they can to get Mike better. Love, Francine and Craig

Anonymous said...

I am thinking good thoughts constantly and sending them to you. You and your husband are deeply loved and supported by your friends.


weissman said...

Good vibes coming at the Young family from Bridgeport, PA.

I read a study recently (forget where). There were two groups of patients and neither group knew they were part of a study. By the end of the test, one group was overall healthier and better recovered. That group had a bunch of people praying for them, sending them good wishes & vibes. The people praying for the patients didn't know any of them, and like I said, the patients didn't know they were being prayed for.

They just got better, faster, than the other group...with no other variable except prayer and good vibes.

Homework assignment for those who believe the universe can work this way: picture in your minds a healthy, recovered Mike. We all know he's in there...maybe we can help bring him back out with some visualization. Hear his laugh and his voice on the phone telling you a story. Imagine reading a funny email from him, or making jokes over coffee together. See him making dinner, hanging out in the kitchen with Danna and Bax. Imagine him sitting at his desk at work, hammering away on something. After you have a totally clear picture in your heads, close a protective bubble around it, and serve it like a volleyball toward Mike in his room.