July 13, 2006 - 8:30 am

At the risk of sounding crass (after this many ups and downs, crass is a given) - It looks like we’re still in the game.

Mike’s nurse Lois said that Mike kept her busy last night, doing a bit of a dance with the vasopressors and other meds to regulate heart rate and pressure. But she said that his heartrate is pretty consistently in the 120s right now and his m.a.p. in the 80s (they want it between 80-90). They gave him sodium Bicarbonate (?) to somehow do something to his blood to make the meds work a little better. It appears to have helped.

I will write more soon.


Anonymous said...

Danna, you are truly a remarkable person. Mike is very lucky to have you and so are we all.

Much Love,

Scott Greer

Anonymous said...

Bicarb of soda? Maybe he'll get some cod liver oil today. This is great news. --Peter

Lance said...

What wonderful news. Mike is strong, and, Danna, he is only matched by yourself. Your collective wills are working their magic. Remain strong!

beth said...

That's good news. I'll get more news from Kebbe later - just wanted to check in and tell you I love you both - and the Bax man of course. :)


Anonymous said...

danna, just wanted to let you know that all of us at Magee are praying for Mike. We love both of you. Mike's a strong man and has so much to live for, God will be kind to him and to you.

Love, Kit

CSM said...

Wow. Baking soda will make him feel better? Another reason to love the little orange box.

Hope you had a good nite with Bax, Jae, Kylie, Maisey and Lonia.

Catch u later.

Love, CSM

scott c said...

The strength that you and Mike are exhibiting is simply breakthtaking! Please know your friends in Delaware are watching your blog closely and that you guys are in our thoughts!