July 13, 2006 - 11:55 pm

Quick pre-bedtime update. Talked to Mike's nurse, Kelly (who way his Wednesday daytime nurse). His cardiac output reading is still quite low. As of 11:30 pm it's 2.5 (should be 4-5). His heartrate is good and pressure is good, but c.o. reading is troubling - meaning his heart is weak and having trouble pumping. He is still "tanked up" with fluids - he's 8-9 liters positive - which means his body is having to work extra hard to pump it all through.

Liver enzymes are still way high and additional readings suggest he's currently in both kidney and liver failure - but, he is still outputting urine, which is good.

Currently his ammonia is running exceptionally high, which can be toxic to the system, so they are giving him meds for that.

As Kelly said, there are a lot of things that need to reverse before we can think about being out of the woods here. By morning we'll have a better idea of where we stand.

Love to you all. You'll never how much strength you bring me.
Love always, danna


weissman said...

tomorrow is another day, and we are all hoping for the best possible outcome.

your grace under this whole situation is beyond my comprehension.

hang in there.

Dritsas said...

So I am having trouble getting to sleep. I can't stop thinking about Mike, and Danna, and Baxter and eveything that is wrong about this situation. But it has got me thinking of some fond Mike memories.

So I thought maybe I would start off a thread of sharing a Mike story. This is by no means some kind of premature memorial. Maybe I'm just a fool enough to think that sharing some fun stories would send good vibes his way. And maybe it will give Danna a little funny break from her day. Maybe it will also give those of us who feel rather helpless something to do.

So here goes:

My favorite Mike story is perhaps a bit selfish. It's about a ComedySportz show that we did a few years ago. We were both on the same team, doing a Replay game in which we had to perform a 1.5 minute version of the Princess and the Pea and then replay it in different styles. The first style was simply, Belgium.

Neither one of us being quite clear on what Belgians and the Flemish language sound like (mix between German and French, I think), within about two lines we had reinterpreted them as Germans: I, the disaffected German boy, and he, the domineering German mother trying to find a wife for her boy. We had a great show that night. Almost every game we played, rocked the house. To this day I can remember almost evey line from our scenes, and that was nearly four years ago

Afterwards, Mike, who was never one to dole out compliments lightly, said to me, "I really like playing with you, Drits."

For those of you who don't know, for a ComedySportz person, this is like getting a high five from God. I nearly fell over; pants soiled. I have yet to wash these ears.

Dr. Itsas

Anonymous said...

Do know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. It certainly is amazing what grace you have had during this time.

UD Carolyn

csm said...

will be with you in thought and spirit all day today. i'll try and come by the hospital later after the movers are done. xo - csm

The Brain said...

Drits- I so appreciate your sharing that story. I have feel so pissed off that these past few months have sort of clouded our (or at least my) notion of who Mike is. I have tried to talk more and more about little anecdotes from pre- SFT days. It's my little f*ck you to the tumor. So, in keeping with your note, here's a little story that is so Mike and so danna.

In early February 2000, I had a major crush on director Mike that had grown over the previous 6 months. We were at a party at Jadico's house. It was the party where we all got a little drunk, a little otherwise enhanced, and stood in a circle, dancing madly to Beck's Midnite Vultures.

Anyway, throughout the night, I was flirting with Mike in my own way - tying his shoes together and mocking him (cause I'm 12). At one point we were talking middle names.

"What's the W stand for, Mike?"


"Wing?!#" I asked as though he just told me his middle name was like "toolshed" or something.

And in Mike's exceptional dry straight man tone he replied, with a slow blink and a head nod, "Yes... Wing."

My response in an adolescent mocking tone: "What are you? .... Like "Asian" or something?"

"Yes. Yes I am."

Yeah. He's half Chinese. I know. Hard to believe but true. I'm such an asshole. I really thought he might think I was so annoying after that. But, instead - 8 days later he asked me on a date.

Don said...

Memories are a funny thing. It's the little things that stick in our heads; the bits, the looks, the sayings that are hard to put in writing but are clear as a bell in our minds. I have many of these for Mike.

First, Mike scared the sh*t out of me for years. As you all know, he is extremely intimidating, especially on the phone - until you get to know him (except on the phone). Therefore becoming his fellow performer was a huge deal for me. I am lucky enough to play with Mike in CSz and BAD HAIR, but mostly I am lucky to call him my friend.

My favorite Mike story is more of “my favorite thing to watch Mike do.” It’s a continuing saga; and that is watching him and Kevin play ComedySportz. Kevin is Abbot to Mike's Costello, Yin to his Yang, Bob to his David, bikini top to his thong. Anyway they were playing the game of QUICK CHANGE (for those unfamiliar - it is a scene game where the ref blows a whistle at the end of a player's line of dialogue and says "Change." The player must then quickly change what he just said. When done well, magic happens). This particular night Kevin and Mike were on fire creating one of the most satisfying improv scenes in the history of improv scenes - to do it justice would be futile but it involved Kevin, his talking hand and Mike as his roommate who ends up kicking Kevin out of the apartment - but the hand can stay. I smile just thinking about it now.

My other favorite ongoing Mike saga is joking with him during CSz rehearsal. It’s our side comments to each other; our running gags our joy of playing in the moment. I could make Mike laugh. While it may not have been Bobbi or the A-Team’s favorite, it is my “thing” with Mike. And that is worth its weight in gold.

I look forward to joking with him again.

P.S. Drits I was also in that scene with you and Miguel. I was "the date." It was one of the most fun scenes I've ever done in CSz. Mike came up to me afterwards and said "I really enjoyed playing with you tonight." You're right, it's like being knighted.

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing woman, and such an inspiration. You, Mike and Baxter are in my prayers, and those of my parish. God Bless you, and keep you strong.

Anonymous said...

Meeting Mike
I had been dating my cool new boyfriend for a couple of months when he invited me to attend the DiscMakers Xmas party. Hmmm, I thought, I'm too square for all those funkygroovysexy music types but YES, I'll go. As the date approached, Andre mentioned that he would be co-hosting the gift give-away portion of the evening with his buddy, Mike. And that they wear skirts to do that. OK. "Like you have some kind of schtick where you wear skirts or something?" "No, we just wear skirts." OK, so much for my concern about him being too cool for me.
The night was an f'in hoot. They didn't practice jack. There was no relevance of the skirts. They both had burly beards and wild hair. And frankly, the skirts were pretty dowdy and drab. But those two were on fire and totally funkygroovysexy.
Later I learned that Mike was a real-live comedian.
Flash forward 5 years to when I scored the golden ticket to attend Mike & Danna's wedding. It was smack-down the most fun I've ever had at a wedding (and my own wedding was pretty damn fun for me!). I would try to tell other friends about this wedding, "you see it was a bunch of comedians. Seriously, not just funny people...real live comedians."
So amid the tears and sadness, with people like Mike & Danna...I mostly just remember the laughter. (Oh and those fine baked beans Mike made last September at the beach)


beth said...

Danna at least had an excuse - she did not know Mike was Asian. I, on the other hand, did know, and once made a "mouthographical" (as my dad likes to call them) that Mike has never let me live down. I had been dating Kevin for several months when Mike and Danna invited us to go camping with them. I don't remember the precise circumstances, only that Mike was about to go do something - get some water, put some wood on the fire - something like that. Anyway, I looked at him and said "Well, hurry up - chop chop". Duh!! I had never given a thought about that expression being offensive until one Mr. Mike Wing Young began relentlessly busting my hump about it!!

I will always remember that weekend - I felt so happy to be with Kevin, and with Mike and Danna - it felt like the beginning of something very wonderful, which of course it was.

karenle893 said...

Many years ago. 11? A bunch of us old school CSZers (think Heather,Trevor, Nicole..) back at our apartment on Spruce St. after the fireworks. Sitting in the living room with the big fireplace.
Mike and Kevin take control of our stuffed animal collection and Mike grabs our rat hand puppet, Pat the Rat (which come to think of it, we purchased with his approval at the White Dog)
the rat becomes a mafioso hit man (?...right, Rob,Kev??) for a half an hour. I'm sure Kev was straight man (or platypus, or manatee)
The rest of us sitting rapt and hysterical, belly's aching from laughter, riding the pure funny, wishing for it to go on forever...
Mike makes you laugh like you did when you were a kid.(albeit, a naughty one) With your whole being. Without the cynical filter of adult hood.
With pure Joy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Danna,
I look forward to meeting you. You and Mike have officially become my heros. I have him and Comedy Sprotz to thank for making me belly-laugh a minimum of twice a week between 1992 and 1996. That is no fewer than 416 belly laughs. Mike, Kevin, Bobbi, Jim, Mary, Kelly, Megan, Karen; Eric, Fred, Fred, Dave, Tom and Thomas etc. etc. the old crew...helped shape me and I will always be who I am in part because of those people and that time. For that and for Mike's great big generous viking heart fighting right now, I will always be grateful and I pray for both of you and all strength, and all peace as we ride with you each day. Nicole Borrelli

Anonymous said...

Danna and everyone up in CSz Philly,
I just want you to know that the DC CSz team is glued to your blog and thinking about you and Mike.
You are an amazing woman.
Please don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything we can do!