July 12 - 5:45 pm. Let's all take a brief moment to breathe

CT scans show that Mike's brain has shifted back quite a bit. The middle of the brain is back in line with the midline. Ventricles look good. This is very good.

He's not in the clear, however as heart rate and pressure are still giving us trouble. But for right now, we should all take a second to breathe. I'm heading home to see my son for a couple of hours and perhaps go to bed.

But Mike's vitals are still a bit off. Heart rate is better, but still high (130-160, but better than 180s). He is on two vasopressors to keep his BP up, one of which (neo?) is maxed out. The other is not yet maxed, so if his blood pressure (which has been good for a couple hours) starts to drop, they do have a bit of room to move with this second vasopressor. The issue now is that Mike needs to self-regulate his heart rate. Given that his brain has realigned quite a bit, we should start to see these vitals self-correct. However, if his heart rate goes up, there isn't a lot we can do to lower it at this point. They tried two different meds today to try to bring the heart rate down a bit - both of which are the least likely to negatively affect his blood pressure. However, both of these meds pushed his BP down when they did a highly monitored attempt this afternoon. So, they ditched the meds and now Mike's heart rate is up to his body to keep under control.

He's still on the ventilator and is still in DIC. He also has a fever (102.5) - although he doesn't feel hot to the touch. This could be a central fever stemming from pressure on the hypothalamus, but they have to start running new blood cultures to be certain it's not indicative of an infection.

But, once again, Mike is still responsive. Even nodding and shaking his head a tiny bit and sporadically squeezing my hand in response to questions. THey are not actively considering "knocking him out" to put his brain on hold to externally regulate his heart. I think because the scan looks significantly better, they decided that is not on the board yet as an option.


CSM said...


Am home packing my apt (with some help from some of the wonderful young ladies who work for me). I hope your night at home is restful and that you and Bax have a fun time before bed. Sploosh-sploosh in the tub. Tomorrow is a brand new day (per the Sting CD you were playing for Mike). Love, CSM

Anonymous said...

Danna - Get some solid smooches in with Baxter and rest your body a bit. We love you and are praying for Mike. You're an amazing wife, mother and advocate! Sending you hugs from Brooklyn.
Liz, Scott & Noah

Michaela said...

Danna, Watching you today was amazing. I still can't get over what an amazing advocate and just all around tough girl you are. How you manage to keep a sense of humor and not curl up in the fetal position astounds me! Please enjoy your bath, hot meal and time with Bax, jae, et al. My heart is with you and Mike. If you need anything at all, call.

Don said...

Thank God!