Friday, July 14, 2006 - 6 pm

[Primacor: drug that appears to be increasing Mike's Cardiac Output]

UPDATE AT 8:30 pm. The Primacor is still helping. His cardiac output is still good at about 5.0. He is starting to follow some commands with stimulus - squeezing hands etc.

This afternoon, they tried a new drug on Mike, primacor, that appears to be working to bring up his c.o. (cardiac ouput). Throughout the day, before the primacor, his c.o. was around 2-3.

He is currently 16 liters positive on fluids because of all this spiral. He hasn't been putting out much urine at all... He is puffy puffy puffy. So puffy his skin is kind of tight.

But, hopefully, if the primacor continues to help his c.o., we can start to bring the fluid balance back and the kidneys and liver will get the blood they need to work a little better.

CT scan of the brain looks good. No sign of stroke or other serious damage. Brain is back aligned in the center. No severe swelling around the cysts/tumor right now.

Wait wait wait and see is the plan... again.


Anonymous said...

Go primacor! You can do it. We believe in you.

Anonymous said...

My God! My God!

May God grant you both peace and serenity.

Sincere love to you.

Anonymous said...

Is Mike on any pain meds? You've never mentioned anything like that yet I can't imagine that he's comfortable. Just wondering...

The Brain said...

When he was responsive the other day I asked if he had pain and he shook his head no. I've asked the doc that several times and he seems to think the answer is no. When they did a very unpleasant procedure today, Mike moved purposefully to get them to lay off. This is a good sign, but suggests he was in pain. They helped that with morphine.

Anonymous said...

Dear Danna...What can one do from so far away, but let you know how lucky we all are to witness such deep, selfless love that you and Mike share. With all our love and support, Aunt Mary Regina XO

Anonymous said...

Regarding primacor, that's really great news, Danna! I'm in utter amazement over how resilient Mike is.

Thinking of you,
== Kate

Dritsas said...

Time for another Mike story:

So I'm standing on a platform in the middle of a lake with Jessie Preisendorfer, Sandra Austin and Josh Rubenstein. It was the weekend of Danna and Mike's wedding at the beautiful spot in the Mountains (one of the best weddings I have been to, BTW).

It was the day before the wedding and all of the important people were at the rehearsal dinner. The rest of us were swimming in the foggy lake, which was beginning to clear. As the four of us were lounging on the floating platform, we spotted a car driving towards our area. I recognize it as Kevin Doughety's car, returning from the rehearsal dinner.

For some reason (and this is SO unlike me) I decide it would be funny to moon the car from the platform on the lake—and I had no drink in me to use as an excuse. Jessie immediately says, "Dude, Kevin is driving Mike's mom!" I was horrified. I had just mooned Mike's mom, who I had not even met yet.

I should have known, since it was Jessie, that this was just a joke, but later Mike came up to me that day or the next (I can't remember) and said, "Dude, why the heck did you moon my Mom?"

I was beside myself. But he was kind enough to immediately start cracking up. We had a good laugh, because she was in fact, not in the car. But I loved that someone told him, and that he, even on his wedding day, had the pleasure of keeping the joke going.

God bless him.

Anonymous said...

Mike story:

I had fallen in love with some whacko around the same time Mike and you fell in love. He and I were talking during rehearsal. (Someone else was leading rehearsal, as Mike would take a break once in a while. I think it was Fred S.)

Anywhoo, we were both wiped (but goofy happy) from the non-sleep, non-eating aspects of "Falling in Love" and wondering how we could let ourselves get back on the Love Rollercoaster on which we had both crashed and burned previously. (Separately - with different people, to those of you who don't know who the heck I am.)

He said (thoughtfully and carefully, I mean, this is Mike, right?) "You appreciate it more the second time around. You're aware of Love's delicacy and never take it for granted." So perfect and succint. (And Mike-like to use a word like "delicacy.")

I know he appreciates you and your love, D-gal - and he always has. Always will. Me too. (Meaning I'll appreciate you. Not that Mike will appreciate me. I'll stop now.)