Footage of Mike at his finest

[Mike (right) performing in ComedySportz with Jeff Kramer (left) of CSz San Jose]

Thank you to Gary Kramer (brother of Jeff - cow in photo above left) who runs the San Diego and New York ComedySportz teams (National Comedy Theater) for this great footage of Mike. Mike is featured on this promotional video that Gary uses:

For those of you who don't know - Mike's the shorter, thin, bearded floppy haired genius. I have to imagine that this was at least 5 or 6 years ago. My favorite part is watching Mike in the background as one of the other performers does something hilarious. Mike throws his head back and laughs hard. That's what I think struck people about Mike as a comedian. Those of us in comedy know that comedians are a tricky bunch. Many of them have a hard time laughing at themselves and others. This is less true in CSz than in other comedy circles, but still - it's out there. Mike LOVED laughing, and loved watching other people perform (ok, mainly if they were funny. Unfunny comedians were Mike's freaking nightmare - and yes, his standards are pretty high).

Most of all, Mike loved performing. This celebration show is going to rock.

It looks like the big bash will probably be a weeknight between August 19 and August 30th. More info to come once the space has been confirmed.

Thanks again, Gary. I can't wait for more footage as it rolls in. It's helping me erase those last months.


Anonymous said...

Mike's high Laugh Standards freaked me out a lot when I first joined Comedysportz. My only goal during rehearsals and shows was to get Mike to laugh. When he did, ahhh well, that was a golden moment that I replayed in my head over and over. Sometimes for days.

Once he sent me an email the day following a rehearsal during which we had done that rolfing exercise (shudder). He complimented me and said he RESPECTED me for working through a fear. (My capitals.)

I printed the email and kept it on my fridge for about 5 years, until it literally fell apart. I wish I'd framed it.

He always led by example and his high standards led us to excellence past what we thought we could do.


Sandra said...

aw rats. i'm crying and laughing. great video.
I'll be there for the celebration.
aw rats - more crying and laughing..


csm said...

so wonderful to see him and hear him.

Anonymous said...

F--- yeah! That's how I want to remember Mike. The video is far too short (can't wait for the Mike Young DVD!) but even in those brief minutes my friend Mike shines through and does his best to erase the memories of the visits to Jefferson (which I cannot state emphatically enought that those are NOT how I wish to remember Mike at all).

Anonymous said...

Dear Danna and Mom to KAYLEIGH,

God Bless you and all who deal with these issues.

Love to special people.