Big Bash - Tribute to Mike, Benefit for Jefferson

So, it looks like we're ON for a fantastic bash on Sunday night August 27th at World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. Philadelphia. A few of us who are putting the show together are going to visit the space tomorrow afternoon to finalize our plans.

The performance will serve as a tribute show to Mike and all proceeds from tickets and donations will go to the Mike Young fund at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for projects and programs at Jeffersont that we want to be a part of.

Tickets will be $10 and will soon (2 days from now) be available for purchase through the World Cafe Live website. They will go on sale as early as Friday afternoon or Saturday, so check the blog often. As soon as they are available, I will include the link here.

I am not publicizing the event to the general public until tickets have been available for a couple of weeks. I want to be certain that all of our many friends, coworkers, family, Jeff and Magee nurses and doctors, classmates, and other people in our lives have the opportunity to obtain tickets before they are scooped up by the public.

The show should be great great fun. It will be a night of sketch, improv, and musical comedy in honor of Mike. We'll also be presenting Mike's sketch work from the 80s (Mask and Wig days) performed by Penn undergrads and alumni as well as fantastic footage of Mike's performances that span the last 20 years. The show will contain some tiny portions of adult-ish content, so it probably is not ideal for kids. Also, Mike's humor is irreverent. He is a fan of things that we are "not supposed to" laugh at... like death, for instance. I want to be sure folks know this coming in, so are not taken by suprise.

Love, Danna


Anonymous said...

oh boy! booking my flights right now! aiming to get there at least 5 days before, and stay for some days after. count me in for lots and lots of helping out. lemme know if there's anything i should bring from the emerald isle.
miss you so much,

Dritsas said...

That's an old flyer. We're now charging $15 for adults and $12 for kids.

Anonymous said...

yeah, and only one person in that flyer is still peforming w/CSZ
the lame one, who can't remember Duran Duran!!