Tuesday, June 27, 2006 afternoon

Short version now - later version to come....

Mike's looking good. I reviewed the MRIs with Andrews - comparing May 10th to yesterday (June 26th) side by side. Swelling in midbrain is much better now. It extends a shorter distance out and appears less bright on the MRI - which is good. Believe it or not, the solid component of the tumor appears quite a bit smaller due to radiation - something that we knew was possible but not necessarily to be expected. This is very very good news. The cyst on the top appears slightly smaller as well, but the cyst on Mike's left side (growing out of the back left of the solid tumor) looks bigger. However, it also looks like one large bubble, not so much like a complicated multi-chamber thing.

All of this is good - but the only thing that's tricky is that the route they were thinking of using, drilling in and using a needle to come in from the right... is complicated by the fact that the biggest part of the cyst to get at is on the left. Going in from the right with a needle is pretty much going in blind based on mapping coordinates. Going in from the left might be possible because of the access granted by a clear fissure in brain tissue that divides the hemispheres. However, going in through the left is always less desirable because the left is the dominant hemisphere. Also, Andrews thinks the clearest path might be through a craniotomy on the left, granting open access and good visibility once inside. Obviously the thought of this makes me sick, but I can understand the logic.

All of this is up for grabs right now - but will be decided tonight. Surgery will happen tomorrow or Thursday, depending on Andrews' schedule. Andrews seems really positive about Mike's progress, and optimistic about what the cyst draining might bring.

There's a lot hinging on the outcome of these next few days. A whole lot. I feel anxious but also excited.


CSM said...

Had dinner with Mike tonite. He looked great (actually looked tan... I wondered if maybe he'd be catch some rays in the radiology dept???)... He ate everything-- even managed to open his peaches on his own while I was refilling his water bottle. We chatted did some word association (fun) and talked about politics a little. I mentioned the story about the Comcast repair guy who was videotaped while sleeping on a customer's sofa and he laughed heartily-- even a few minutes later-- he was laughing -- and I said "what's so funny?" and he said, "The comcast guy sleeping on the sofa. Wow."

Check it: http://youtube.com/watch?v=CvVp7b5gzqU&search=comcast%20

Good vibes for whatever Dr. A and Dr. E decide to do...

Fingers & toes crossed,

Dritsas said...

Good luck. I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed.

-Dr. Itsas*

*not a real Doctor.