Thursday, June 8, 2006

[idea for our anniversary on June 14th]

Good stuff at Magee! I got to there after lunchtime today and Mike looked pooped. Up in a wheelchair, in his own clothes (yay!), but clearly tired from his morning therapy sessions. He had physical therapy in the morning, along with occupational therapy and speech. Then he had lunch, followed by a little break and then a meeting with the neuropsychologist and another round of PT in the afternoon. He seems to like it there from what I can tell.

Couple funny things today:
I have decided to alter my interactions with Mike based on how the therapists are working with him. The biggest change is in not doing things for Michael, but giving him encouragement to help him do them himself. I offered him his water bottle today, held it up and slightly to his left (his best sight line from what I can tell) and encouraged him to reach for it. I explained that I’m going to be doing less for him and trying to use opportunities to get him moving or to explore his environment more. He agreed that was a good idea. Then I told him that if he was ever particularly tired or at all in pain, he should just tell me and I’ll help him get what he wants/needs. Like, if he’s really thirsty and exhausted he should just say, “Danna, please just hand me my water.” To which he replied with a smirk, “Or just… Danna, give me the f*cking water bottle.”

I told him that Al-Zarqawi is dead and he really seemed to register that information,, looking up at me directly in the eye in response, “Really? Wow. Nice.”

I then switched his tv to CNN and said, “Oh good, it’s that woman you like” to which he replied immediately, “Right. christiane amanpour.”

Mike still is clearly unaware of the majority of his deficits. He doesn’t know he has trouble remembering things, doesn’t know that basic tasks are a challenge (like getting dressed etc), still thinks that he uses the bathroom like everybody else. Our main challenge with Emily, the neuropsychologist, is going to be working with Michael to get him to be aware of his own impairments to help him make accommodations.

I had a brainstorm today. Mike and my 3 year wedding anniversary is next Wed June 14th. I thought it would be so great to bring Mike a romantic dinner for two from Le Bec Fin to the dining room in the brain injury unit. I called the restaurant to ask about having them prepare food that I could pick up and bring to Mike at Magee - to which the very French hostess on the phone replied, “We do not do ‘take-out.’” But, like a good wife, I played the S.F.T. card – never actually even mentioned the S.F.T., but simply explained that Mike has been hospitalized for 12 weeks and is now at Magee and it’s our 3 year wedding anniversary. She put me on hold to talk with the manager and… it’s a “go!” I think Mike will really enjoy this!

I have to say it again: I’m so glad we’re at Magee now. I think Mike will make good progress there.

Please please stop in to see Mike this weekend!
Go see his new digs! It’s sunny and clean and new and not scary like a hospital. His roommate, Ron, is an awesome guy, too. Super-friendly with a positive outlook that rivals Mike’s. He was in a car accident a couple of months ago. He lost his leg and had other serious injuries. He was unconscious for weeks. He’s only been at Magee 2 weeks and is doing amazingly well. He keeps telling me that Mike’s going to do awesome there, too.

Anyway – stop in and see Mike if you have a free moment. Particularly Sunday. Remember, I’m away from Friday afternoon through Sunday night – and I really want to be certain he’s not alone this weekend. Visitors are allowed from 2-8 pm on Sat and from 11 am until 8 pm on Sunday.

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beth said...

Looking forward to seeing Mike in his new digs this weekend. It really sounds great. Have a wonderful time at the shore - looks like we'll finally be having some nice weather. I've been kind of AWOL with working the two jobs this month - looking forward to catching up with you next week.