Thursday, June 29, 2006

[photo: the calm before the storm]

Talked with Dr. Andrews and Evans' nurse, Kelly this morning. Mike is scheduled to have the procedure done Friday morning with Dr. Andrews.
Yesterday Andrews performed 7 surgeries. Today, Andrews is out of town, so Evans is acting as both of them, with an insane operating schedule at both JHN and the Gibbon building. I think the decision to move Mike to Friday was less about the details of Mike's case than simple scheduling issues. I like the fact that Mike is currently Andrews' only surgery scheduled for Friday. As I said to Kelly, "That makes me feel good. It means Andrews will be relaxed and not rushed, and can take time to do a good job." Kelly laughed.

I'm thinking that I need to get prepared for the drama that comes with surgery.
If Mike has a craniotomy tomorrow (Kelly said she wasn't sure if Andrews has decided on an approach yet) then the next week is going to be emotionally and logistically difficult. I'm going to take a nap this morning and see Mike this afternoon... embracing the calm before the storm.

I hate when Mike has surgery on a Friday. Weekends at hospitals are like dead time. Not a lot of doctors or n.p.s around... Everything is just slower to happen.

Plus, Bax doesn't have childcare on weekends.
Sunday, Heide and Daniel have offered to be with Bax for a playdate with their daughter Hazel (also 18 months)... That will allow me to be at the hospital for a few hours in the middle of the day. But Saturday I will need some help with Baxter here at home. If you're interested and able to hang with the Baxman from about 9 am - 1 pm on Saturday, please let me know. He's a happy and healthy right now and lots of fun to be with...


Anonymous said...

danna - turns out that we'll be around this weekend, and we'd love to be on bax duty when you need some help on saturday. xo - miss wah

karenle893 said...

I can also sit on Saturday morning

just let me know


CSM said...

i am headed to Balto on Sat AM, so I cannot help out... but if you want me to stay with Bax tonite so you can do a late nite snuggle at the hospital, let me know!


beth said...

kevin and I are around all weekend - we aren't going out of town after all - so we are available as needed. Also, do you need company or anything tonight? Please call.



Michaela said...

danna--i can ditch my family in favor of a dumb movie (failure to launch should suffice) and ice cream at your house on friday night if you're looking for company.
love you.

The Brain said...

ok - it's for certain... we have the best most amazing friends in the world. Within 3 hours of my post, I had 6 offers to take care of Bax on Saturday.

Since I love the idea of Bax playing with other kids, I'm taking up our friend Maria on her offer to watch Bax in the morning. She and her husband live around the corner and her kids go to Bax's daycare. It will be a really fun morning for him.

I probably should do an early night tonight, so I'll pass on all the generous offers to come hang at place tonight. I tend to stay up too late when company is over.

Michaela may come over for Friday night.

Annie's set to bring bax home from daycare friday afternoon (she's our fab sitter who works at his daycare). She'll bring him home, do the dinner thing and do bath and bedtime if needed (if I'm not home).

Then, Saturday, Bax is with Maria and Sunday with Heide.

I think we're good.

You guys rock.

Anonymous said...

do you know what time the surgery is set for tomorrow? and which building?

CSM said...

Stopped in to see Mike tonite. Frank (I do hope I got that right!) was there and Mike was sleeping... I threatened to give Mike a wet willie if he didn't wake up... and guess what? he did. :-)

Dinner went well and then Kebbe arrived and all hell broke loose. JK. We chatted about how the Supreme Ct bashed Bushie today (Mike seemed pleased) and then Kevin explained Homestar Runner to me--all the while engaging Mike in the chat (HSR is cool! Checked it out-- I dig Marzipan! She is way cool. Weird looking, but cool).

I tried to explain to Mike what would be happening tomorrow-- but I'm not sure that he understood. The nurses were very positive about it all when I chatted with them... so the good vibes are there... sleep well, csm

Susan DeAngelus said...

Danna - Call me when you need anything! 267-237-5224

Susan Hutton DeAngelus
"Lasagna Lady"