Thursday, June 15, 2006

[photo taken just before Liz's baby shower in Spring 05]

Home with the baxman today. Happy to say he seems to be doing much better. No fever today. Only super-cranky during meals because I think the sores in his mouth still hurt. It was actually a far more enjoyable day than I had anticipated. We played outside, went for a walk and discovered a lush and hidden park off of Cooper River. His diet consists of jello, Rita's water ice, pudding, yogurt, gatorade, and cheese. Though tonight he actually ate a little chicken, green beans, and a piece of bagel.

This evening I figured out how to charge the freaking video camera and Bax and I watched the footage Mike and I have taken over the past year. Only about 40 minutes total ( I know - we always forget to take the camera out), but some great clips of Mike smooshing Baxter. Bax was captivated and kept saying, "Da-da" watching the movie.

I'm sad to say I have acquired big bad canker-sores in my mouth - which is probably indicative of my having gotten the baxter virus. I had this virus (coxsackie - or "hand foot and Mouth" - yes. vile and repulsive, I know) really severely last summer - had to stay in the ER one night with a morphine drip (insane), so I'm hoping it's not going to hit me hard. But keep a lookout for a plea on this blog for h.e.l.p. with Baxter over the weekend. Several of you have offered and I may take you up on those offers.

Mike's doing well today. The same really - but no worse. His nurse talked to Dr. Rommel about upping his dose of Provigil (sp?) a drug that's used to help narcoleptics stay awake. It's also used to treat ADHD and help people focus attention through some stimulant or something. They think this might help Mike - especially in the afternoon when he gets sleepy.

I asked Mike if he remembered our special lunch yesterday and he said yes. When I asked for details he said, "I just remember you brought the boy [bax] in, that's all." oh well. I told him about the lunch from Le Bec Fin and Jim and Mary acting as our servers - the whole thing in detail - and he replied, "Aw...That sounds really nice." When I asked, "Do you think it's weird that you don't remember it at all?" He replied, "Not really."

I called the nurse tonight to arrange a phone call with Mike. She dialed his phone and He and I talked for about 10 minutes. He got to talk to Bax on speaker phone and feel the chaos of home as I reprimanded Bax for playing in Maggie's water dish. It was nice chatting with him. He's never been a fantastic "phone-person" (no offense, Mike, but you're less emotive on the phone than face-to-face. fact, sir. ) so it's not really that different talking to him on the phone right now - other than a clear lack of STM.

Still catching up on sleep. x0 danna


CSM said...

Stopped by at 6 tonite to hang with Mike. He was in his wheelchair in the hall with another patient, so we wheeled on over to the Family Room and hung out for an hour or so...

I brought Mad Libs with me... Mike totally remembered them from when he was a kid... and seemed happy to give it a shot-- so we did one. He took a while to come up with some of the words-- but when he did, some were pretty good: Example: pretentiously. (I encourage folks to do one with him when visiting). I also asked him to define an adverb-- which he did correctly (I'm a biz major-- I can't remember that stuff!). I read him the finished "story" and he laughed a sincere laugh!

We talked for a bit about your lunch yesterday and tho' he didn't remember it completely, he said it was delicious... I read him some stories from the Metro -- he was amused by the brief story of a guy who delivered a tarantula to a coworker after he was fired from his job... and he also liked the Steven Segal interview...

Then (and this was my favorite part of the visit), I found a bunch of checkers in the corner of the room, so I set up a checkerboard and the checkers for him-- and asked him to stack them up... which he did very well... i asked him to move them to different colored squares-- and he did, but you could definitely tell his right side had better definition than his left... he did it consistently-- which was great... then, i stacked a bunch of checkers and asked him to count the # of stacks (got it right) and to point to the shortest stack, tallest stack, red stack and black stack -- and he identified all of them. It was great to watch... and he seemed into it. At the end of the hour, we wheeled around the floor (the nurses all know him by name, which was way cool) and then I brought him back to his room...

I really had fun with Mike today-- we laughed alot and it was nice and sunny in the family room-- which I think he liked.

Hope you and Bax got a chance to relax and recoup... and were able to rest easy knowing that Mike was being well cared for.

OH! One of the articles we read in the Metro was about an upcoming discussion series at the Constitution Center entitled "News Parody." It's 6/22 at 6pm... you should check it out (actually, you should be a speaker at it!)



p.s. - so what're the odds of me getting the coxsackie thing since i was smoochin' with Baxman yesterday??? i haven't been to the ER in a while...

Anonymous said...

CSM you have some great ideas! Sounds like an enjoyable visit for you and Mike. Always nice to hear about Mike's good days with Danna & Baxter but thanks for the reminder that we can all make a difference and contribute to Mike's recovery. Hope you don't get the icky virus.

The Brain said...

Susan! Thanks for the great update. You have such creative ideas that are wonderful for mike. The checkers one is a total winner.

I think that Bax's bug was most contagious last week (Wed,th,Fri) and over the weekend. Yesterday, for example, he really seemed to be ok (except during meals because I think the "owies" on his tongue still hurt). I would just keep an eye out for odd canker sores or a sore throat...

And if you get sick, Bax and I can help take care of you. Gatorade, baby.

beth said...

Every time I talked to Mike on the phone I came away convinced that he hated me. Yeah, he is not so emotive over the phone. But I may also be slightly paranoid.......:)

Anyway, Kebbe and I are free Saturday night if you need some help with Bax, want to hang out, or want us to babysit in case you want to hang out with some other people. There is also a possibility we are free for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon.



The Brain said...

kebbeh and beth - maybe you wanna come over for BBQ or something sat evening? hang with the baxman a bit? I know CSM and I talked about a movie night at some point, but I think she has a pickle party Sat. CSM, am I right?

CSM said...

No pickle party on Sat. So I am a game fish for BBQ and movie for Danna! You da boss.

CSM said...

just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE-- do not make me see Garfield: a Tale of Two Kitties or Fast & the Furious-- Tokyo Drift. I'd rather eat dirt.

The Brain said...

Ok, susan - I guess we'll be eating dirt then. Your loss.

Jalena said...

This southern belle has to ask, what the heck is a pickle party? I've tried to turn that to everything imaginable and can come up with nothing. Am I not thinking far enough out of the box? An inside joke?(I want in!) This inquiring mind is stumped!!! Glad the Baxman is feeling better.

The Brain said...

Jalena! CSM owns a custom handbag company/boutique named Viv Pickle (www.vivpickle.com). You can shop in the store - or you can throw a "pickle party" with all your girlfriends/neighbors/coworkers where you check out all the handbags and fabrics and order one there. SOrt of like a tupperware party, but WAY more fun!