Sunday, June 4, 2006

Couple of requests:

1) I have decided to join several of my friends on a much needed weekend trip to the Jersey shore with Baxter June 9-11. I would like to know ahead of time that friends will be spending time with Mike on Saturday and Sunday for lunch, afternoon visits, and for dinner.
Preferably people who can stay like an hour or 2. I'm especially wanting this because it will be Mike's first weekend at Magee and I want it to feel warm and comfortable for him. Magee is at 15th and Race Street in Center City.

2) Please consider having dinner with mike some night this week and entering it on the calendar. He'll be moving to Magee on Wed (at least that's the current plan), but I'll post his room #, visiting hours, and other info as soon as we get it (probably Wed):

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

1513 Race Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102-1177


3) Several of you have sent leads for me to contact to learn more about home health care options in the Philly/South Jersey area. Please keep those leads a'coming. They are very helpful.

4) Anyone know someone who could help me navigate the social security/medicare/disability issues that might lead me to in-home health care for Mike? A lawyer who specializes in such stuff?

Email me at 185cranios@gmail.com


Today Mike seemed a little down again. Tired maybe. We did get him to use the handheld urinal, though, which was a huge accomplishment. It happened half way through an accident, but hey - he did use the urinal. As he was having the accident, he was like, "oops. sorry." (Meaning that he knew he was having an accident) then he stopped peeing of his own will. Shamell handed him the plastic urinal and he (of his own will) used it. I think we're getting somewhere here. And as messy at it will be teaching him to figure out how to go by himself again - Jalena (my friend whose grandson has an sft) is right - he's got to figure it out sometime.

I'm still overwhelmed. Wondering if I'm way naive thinking that I can work this fall on top of everything else. I think I can teach the one class I'm scheduled to teach. But I can't imagine carving out time for research. Mike at home, possibly needing care, Baxter in the terrible twos... and me running logistic regressions in SPSS? umm.... I don't think that works.

I mowed the lawn today. Most satisfying thing I've done in weeks - that and shaving Mike's handsome face this morning. Also quite satisfying, especially because he really seemed to enjoy it.

I told him he had 2 days of radiation left and he seemed to lighten up a bit. About an hour later I asked how many days of radiation he had left and he said, "Two?"

Yeah - I refuse to believe that Michael will return home with no short term memory and with no control over his bodily functions Magee may need me to plan for that possibility - but I refuse to accept that it will come to pass.

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Anonymous said...

Just looking at the picture of the jersey shore you have at the top of the post. I just want to say, that is a really big sailboat.