Sunday, June 25, 2006 evening

Mike was readmitted to Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience ICU this afternoon. He's in room 6604. Same room we had for part of our stay back in May.

He's become increasingly unresponsive over the last 24 hours, so the folks at Magee wanted to make certain that he had an MRI and was under observation. Dr. Georgia was the Doc on call at Magee this morning and today. She called me at about 9 am to tell me that they weren't comfortable with Mike's decreased condition over the last 24 hours, so they gave him a dose of 10 mg of Decadron at 8:30 am. (recall the taper from 8 mg 2X/day to 6 mg 2X/day started Wed and continued through last night).

Everyone's (Dr. Georgia, Dr. Evans, and Dr. Andrews) hunch is that the downslide is due to the taper of the steroids, but we need to be sure. Having Mike admitted to JHN means that if it's not just the steroids, we're somewhere where they can take care of things. Plus, having him there as an inpatient means that the MRI and observation by Andrews can happen with fewer logistical problems. Plus, if they want to go right ahead with the draining of the cysts, he's already at the hospital.

Seeing Mike doing so poorly is crushing. Not able to open his eyes for more than a second, not really able to follow instructions. Not able to get out of bed. Not answering questions.

It's been a rough day. I don't really know how much more one person can handle.


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NH Ross family said...

I am so sorry for all you are going through. So many ups and downs. Today must really have been difficult. I think you are right that it is best he has been transferred back to the hospital so he can be better monitored. good luck to you both. Love Donna and Jim

Anonymous said...

Sorry, slippery finger first time around. Chin up, we will take great care of Mike. He's gonna pull through this just like all the other times. See ya tomorrow.


csm said...

To quote the penguins from "Madagascar" (was on cable tonite)... "Well, this sucks."

Wish they wouldn't mess with the decadron like they do... but, being the eternal optimist, i am grateful they made the move to get him back to the 6th floor -- where they know him so well and where they can be on top of things medically. it was a good move... thank u Dr. Georgia... and maybe it will expedite the draining of the SFC's.

i am keeping my fingers crossed that the changes aren't due to anything other than the change in the meds. i gotta think it can't be... he was SOOOOO good the other day... i can't believe he was like that with other issues going on...

sending positive vibes,

Kate said...

Danna, you are a super hero. I'm so sorry to hear about Mike's return to Jefferson. I wish I could offer you a magical device which would allow you to take a mental vacation. It is all so relentless. I can't imagine your emotional fatigue. In reality all I can offer are my well wishes. I'm thinking about you both.

This Craniopharyngioma is being a real asshole.