Saturday, June 17, 2006

[On the roofdeck on Sat afternoon with the Baxman and dada]

Had a brief visit with Mike and Bax this afternoon. Went up to the roofdeck and had a really nice time. Dr. Rommel decided to up Mike's decadron again to the 8mg 2X/day dosage. Everyone had noticed a marked downslide once they started the taper a few days back. So, they've agreed to keep it at 8 mg 2X/day at least until June 26 (i think that's the date) when they'll try the taper again.

Also, for the first time since Mike got in the hospital, a doctor asked me about administering Mike's testosterone gel. Since Mike's pituitary doesn't work at all, he manufactures zero testosterone on his own. It's easy enough to replace (a gel that he rubs on his chest after he showers) but the docs haven't labeled it a priority given Mike's other problems, so it's never been part of his treatment. There was also the question mark about what happens if we get pregnant while Mike's got radiation in his system - so we all put it on hold to discuss the testosterone. Well, the case manager talked with the docs at Magee about it and Dr. Rommel asked me to bring in the medicine so they can administer it for him daily. Maybe they have pity on the poor wife and think, "well, if he's going to have this surgery and get well, he's going to owe her for a long time." They're good people, I tell you.

Had a great time grilling out back with friends and watching Soen and Baxter run naked in the sprinkler last night. My poor son got eaten alive while I wasn't looking, though - on his privates, poor lil' dude. My favorite part of the day was when Susan asked, "Is he going to just poop on the ground?" I shrugged, shook my head and was like, "No! no... " I had no idea, I was just full of it. Well, all of a sudden I hear my happy guy inside his playhouse crying, "Mama! Mama!" looking mortified. No diaper + outside + need to go #2 = #2 on the ground and covering naked baby. Thank gosh the hose was right there.

I had a funny "That's mike, alright" moment today. I need to go to a dentist because I grind my teeth horribly and while in OC, the housekeepers tossed my mouthguard in the trash. I know Mike saw a female dentist after we moved to NJ but didn't know her name. I looked in the phone book and all around and couldn't find any notes that would help me figure out who she was. Then I got on Mike's computer, in Entourage's address book and did a search for Dentist. And ta-da. There it is: Nancy Flint, Haddon Ave. I love my organized smoosher. He also was using Entourage's office reminders to remind him to take his meds. Figured that out while poking around, too.


Deke Young said...

Our thanks to all those loving people who are making a difference in Mike's life. Here is a sweet news story about how volunteers make a difference for a girl with a brain tumor:
"Idaho Girl Becomes Superhero for a Day - By Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho - Most days, 6-year-old Aubrey Matthews spends her energy fighting a brain tumor growing behind her eyes. But the first-grader managed to foil crimes and chase an arch-nemesis through Boise on Friday, serving the city as the superhero "Star" with assistance from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho, The Idaho Statesman reported."


Jalena said...

Happy Father's Day to Mike!!!

Anonymous said...

One comment regarding testosterone! After my husband's accident where he took a severe blow to the head, his testosterone level was non-existent. I have been giving him shots in the butt for over a year. It is a very hard level to regulate. The gel and the patch did not work on him at all. I feel like a real wife!!!