Friday, June 9, 2006

Went in early this morning to Magee with the Baxman. It was a great visit! It’s so much more comfortable there than at a hospital. They also let Baxter and me accompany Mike to the “gym” where he has his PT and OT sessions. Bax and I played on the mats with the balls and balloons and checked in with dada once in a while. And of course, Bax is a big hit with all the nurses and therapists.

Mike seemed to be really positive today. Clearly enjoyed having Baxter there. Liked hearing everyone ooh and ahh over him. Liked when Bax would come up to him and hand him things (“ball!” “elmo!” “block!”). After OT in the gym, we all went back to Mike’s room and I set up Bax in a chair in front of Mike’s tiny TV (which Mike can’t really see at all) and put on Sesame street. Bax was comfy like at home – sippin’ on juice, hugging his elmo puppet… and I actually got a good 20 minutes to give Mike a shave and hang with him a bit without freaking out about Baxter going somewhere he’s not supposed to.

It’s a comfortable place and I’m happy Mike’s there. Also, when leaving the guest visitor’s parking lot, all I do to get home is follow Race Steet up and over the Ben Fr. Bridge. It was literally a 14 minute ride home today.

Ok – I’ll be at the shore tonight through Sunday. Again, please stop in to visit Mike this weekend – especially Sunday. I think you’ll all be impressed with the place and happy to see Mike looking less like a patient and more like a person.

Love, Danna


Jalena said...

Have a great trip!!! Knew Baxter was the best medicine around. Glad you started taking him. Two days without Mike updates may cause severe withdrawal here!!!

CSM said...

Make take the liberty of posting an update to the blog after I visit with Mike this weekend (will likely go on Sunday). So-- rest assured that everyone will get an update while you and Bax get a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH deserved respite at the shore. Definitely eat some yummy water ice and take lots of pix! Enjoy yourself!!! XO, CSM

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad the new place is feeling comfortable and that you're headed to the shore for a couple days. May Baxman have plenty of sand-filled diapers. Randy and I will try to stop in on Sunday!