Friday, June 30, 2006 - afternoon

No bad news - but no good news, either.

Well, we've been on the edge of our seats for so long... what's another week, right?

Andrews and Evans attempted to perform the procedure this morning. They made three passes with two different kinds of needles. Unfortunately, it appears that the walls of the cyst are so tough, and the cyst itself is so pliable and has so much give, that it refuses to actually puncture. It's like the difference between a very full water balloon, and a partially full water balloon. One pops very easily, the other not so much.

Good news is, Mike looked great post-surgery. And in a weird turn of events, in my opinion looked more normal that he has looked for months. I asked Andrews if pushing the cyst inward away from the temporal lobe could have in and of itself relieved pressure.

His response? "With Mike's tumor, anything's possible."

The plan now is to attempt a craniotomy on the left next friday, July 7th. Rather than sitting around in the NICU for 6 days, they have arranged for Mike to be readmitted to Magee to resume therapy for these intermediate days. He's scheduled to return to Magee tomorrow at noon. I am very pleased with this plan. Not the craniotomy, obviously - but with the return to Magee until surgery starts.

So there you have it. And no - surprisingly, I'm not falling apart. I have stopped investing all of my emotions in every detail of Mike's case. It's a self-protective mechanism, but it is serving me well. I am the best advocate I can be for Michael, and I am there for him to get him the best care I can. However, that doesn't mean having high expectations at every pass. It also doesn't mean being "in it" emotionally all the time.

I guess you just adapt.

Happy Holiday weekend to all, and please hang in here with me. Someday this drama has to end. right?


karenle89 said...

EFfin tumor
Effin cysts

Jenny S-G said...

Hey Danna,

The complications just never end. It's so frustrating, and so normal. You and Mike are continually in our thoughts.


Anonymous said...

we're here. and totally understand about "not going there" through every little pass. xoxox, t