Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm sick as a dog with a stomach flu. Aches, chills, sweat and all. How do single parents do this? I guess they do just what I did. I put Bax in daycare and slept from 11 am until 4 pm, got him home, had some quality time with Elmo on TV, fed him, read books and got him in bed early.

This morning I got all dressed up and ready to go to to drop of Bax, head to the hospital, and then head down to UDel for a meeting with our summer research assistants. I was really looking forward to the time at UDel - I actually felt grat getting ready this morning and then as the morning went on I felt more and more like ass.

I did get to the hospital around 9:15, saw Mike in the middle of getting an EEG to assess his brain waves to see if he was having seizures. They assumed he wasn't, but wanted to be safe. The tremors on the left side of his body are pretty troublesome and they wanted to definitively rule out seizures as the cause. No evidence of seizures was found. It is probably just the swelling as they originally suspected.

I do think that the decadron is already working for him. He was alert and so smooshy sweet when I was in. I helped him eat some eggs, toast, and a nutritional fruit juice - that's when I realized just how crappy I felt. Never have scrambled eggs looked or smelled so dreadful to me.

I talked to Mike's sister (ahem - "seeeester" as Mike says it) Dr. Diana tonight. She said that the webcast of the pituitary surgery was really good to watch - it really gave a good understanding of how complicated it was. She also said that she talked to Dr. Evans today and he basically told her he's not going to be satisfied until Mike is more like himself. Again, Mike is doing so great with all the crap in his head and with the radiation taking its toll each day. Watching him almost makes you feel like he's sort of healing in the midst of all this. As they've said in the past, Mike is the Phoenix. And I'm feeling like it's inevitable that he'll rise again.


Anonymous said...

take tomorrow off and rest up! bax to day care again, elmo and bed. skip the hospital if you need to and sleep. xoxox, t

Jalena said...

I second that. And most of all, Mike doesnt need a stomach virus or the flu. He can make it a day or two without you. He'll miss you but it will be fine. Get some rest. You have to take care of yourself. You cant get run down.
Hang in there. It will be ok.
An email tomorrow, I'm online again, yeah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope it's only a 24 hour bug and you're halfway thru!

The report from Wed night dinner date: MUSIC WORKS ON MIKE. I put on a mix CD of some of Mike's favorites and he started tapping along immediately to Joe Jackson, Devo, The Jam, Cars, etc. He was nodding his head in time, tapping the blanket to the drumbeats, sometimes a little air guitar with the right hand, even singing the words with me as I sat beside on the edge of the bed facing toward him. He is so definitely in there. When "Kids in America" came on, my husband Mike M admitted he didn't know who the artist was. I said, "Oh, Mike [Y] will know this one." It took a few second delay but he muttered "kids in america." then we tapped and sang some more while I let him process the challenging question. I was gazing out the window, see if anything interesting was going on in the windows across the way, and out of nowhere I hear a soft "kim wilde." YES! I banged on the blankets. "You KNOW it! You totally know it!" Very cute. He tapped beats on the green koosh, too.

He'd already eaten a bunch of food before we arrived at 6. His great nurses Chris and Nicole (I said "oh, I think I know you from the blog" but refrained from saying "you must be the hot one with the glasses?"] stopped in several times to check on stuff. Chris wanted to make sure Danna heard that earlier in the day Mike had been snapping along to Duke Ellington.

We had a good visit. I went in with low expectations, so was not disappointed. He followed our conversation making appropriate smiles and little laughs and such for at least a half hour before starting to fade. I asked if he was getting tired and he said "I should be." We left at the end of the CD, 7pm. I handed sleeping Mike the stuffed animal to keep him company and we bid our goodbyes. (con't)

Anonymous said...

(sorry I'm too wordy but I wanted to end the story) Mike roused himself from sleep enough to say goodbye and extended his hand to shake Mike's, like he did when we arrived. "good to see you, buddy." Oh - Mike was also appropriately enthused about our baby news (which he knew in Feb but hey, if it's a nice surprise again, that's grand." We made some "there's a baby in my belly! Get in my belly, baby" tye jokes which he followed with smirks. Really nice to see. The tremor didn't look too bad. His right hand was able to feed himself juice box, for the most part, when i kept suggesting it and guiding it in his hand. He seemed to like the tactile yellow blanket I bought. Hope it's not too hot for him - it's more of a comfort and fun to knead kind of thing. And as I started to say before, we left him with the stuffed animal in his left arm, he snuggled up to it against his head, and went to sleep. Talk to you soon, D. xoxo Kiki P and Mike M

The Brain said...

Thank you so much for the story of your visit, Kiki! I had so little time with him yesterday, I was glad to get a full picture of how he was doing last night. Perhaps the steroid is working at reducing the swelling if the left hand tremor didn't seem too bad. It's been really pronounced the past week or so.

thanks, Kiki. Hugs to your Mike, x0x0

JimmyV said...

I just heard about Mike through a good friend of mine. Mike and you have been on my ComedySportz dream team since I first saw you perform.

Both of you, as well as Baxter, are in my prayers.