Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Mike had a great day today - see snippets of conversation below. Too bad I feel like I'm drowning. First of all, I had a cable guy come to ADD a high speed internet jack and instead of an additional jack I have no internet at all! Right now, I'm at my neighbor Michelle's house on her computer. PS: If you ever want to move out of the city, make sure you get yourself Michelle as a neighbor. You'll be very happy.

Then, at 2:45 pm today, in Mike's room giving Mike a shave, my cell phone rings. It's Bax's daycare. He's got a 103.6 fever. My mom and dad go pick him up. I rush home from the hospital, bring bax to the pediatrician, to learn..... virus. Virus Schmirus. Tonight Bax was SOO sad. shivering, inconsolable, whimpering, falling asleep on me, trying to nuzzle into my armpit. Poor muffin. Motrin. That's all I've got to help him. Motrin. Shite.

Family meeting is tomorrow. Nurse practitioner Judy said she's going to join us. I love her.

Also, a week ago, you may recall that they postponed the drainage procedure because they had found some infection in mike's blood. Turns out, they think it was just a contaminated sample. It was only found in one of the many samples they drew. He's not on any antibiotics right now and hasn't had fevers in several days. In the meantime, they're going to wait to drain the cyst until after Mike complete's the course of radiation (4 more weeks). I'm going to review this plan with evans tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm going to go drown myself in American Idol and this bowl of ice cream that Michelle's daughter, Taylor just made me. mmmm...

Here are those fun tidbits:

"Am I a bad wife for eating your pot pie while you're a patient in the hospital?"

"No." pause, "That's not why you're a bad wife."

Later he called me a hot mama.


At one point I whispered to him, "Too bad your vision's not that good 'cause some of your nurses are kind of hot. Especially today's nurse. Scott McCormick would like her."

Mike laughed.

"Do you know what that means?"

"Yeah - she's got glasses."



A woman came in to take away Mike's lunch tray, " You all done, Mr. Young? After she left, Mike said sweetly, "She seemed nice," I agreed. I told him it was nice that she referred to him by name. Mike continued, "I like that assumed familiarity. I appreciate where it's coming from."


csm said...

Din-din report: He was sleeping when I arrived at 5:30... but when I said something, he responded... so he was foolin' me! We chatted for a bit (I chatted, he listened) and I read him some David Sedaris. (Actually stopped mid-story b/c a nurse came in and he actually asked me to keep reading!). ASked him if he was hungry... no... wanna try some soup? it looks good.... okay... (insert soup eating here) sooo... how 'bout some flounder??.... yeah, i could eat.... AND HE DID! Everything on his plate. And he seemed into working the fork/spoon bit too.

After dinner, I read some bad jokes from the book on the counter-- and he knew several of the punchlines before I said them. We talked about his cats -- and he knew Maggie's name right off... not so much with Willie (but technically, he's not Mike's cat anymore-- so that's OK in my book) I told him that Danna's folks were in town with their dog-- and asked "Where do you think Maggie is?" He said "As far away as she can get!" LOL. And when I asked him if he knew what kind of dog they had... he replied with some OBVIOUS sarcasm... "A yipper." But I'm sure it's a nice dog, right???

p.p.s. - I left a container of grey rubber wristbands on the counter for folks to take... they are from ABTA (American Brain Tumor Assoc. and say "Sharing Hope". They are grey to represent the "grey matter" of the brain. Boy... those ABTA folks are a riot. I wanna swap MRI stories and drink some beers with them!!!

p.s. - Nicole, his nurse, is AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

Poor Bax. When Jason was little and sick I wrapped a hot water bottle in a soft towel and gave it to him to hold. It really seemed to comfort him. Now he's 26 and it still works.
As a matter of fact, Mike might be comforted by the same thing.

Michaela said...

Glad to hear my husband's fascination with dirty librarians stuck in Mike's memory. We miss you all terribly. See you soon. Give Bax kisses from us.