Tuesday, May 30, 2006

[Today's visit with Michaela all dressed in normal person clothes!]

Another good day for Mike. He was not as responsive as yesteray and complained of a headache, but I got him to wake up a bit, got him dressed in a nice shirt, gave him a shave and he ate some lunch with me. We also had a nice visit with Michaela.

There are a lot of things rattling around in my mind to write about, but I'm pooped tonight and just want to chill in front of the tv.

I will say one thing that was sort of whacky. I got a call this morning from a 215-503-xxxx number which is the hospital. It was a woman who introduced herself as Mrs Gomez, who said, "Uh - Mrs. Young? Your husband's not responding to me."

Yeah. I had a freaking heart attack.

Then she continues, "I'm from dietary and I can't get him to wake up to fill out his menu."

What the f? I mean, I appreciate the gesture and interest in Mike receiving food he will enjoy... but for gosh sakes.

Then, she actually told me, "He's been here a long time. I used to see him and he looked really good. But he doesn't look great right now."

I found myself explaining to this lady that he had just returned from radiation treatment and was probably exhausted.

Weird weird weird.


Jalena said...

Hi Danna- I find that phone call very disturbing. I'm sure I dont understand why she called you at all. She should have gone immediately to the nursing staff and IMO she should not offer her great insight since she has no nursing experience. Even on the off chance she does have the experience, she is not now working as one of his nurses. Not wanting to get anyone who may have been well meaning in trouble at this point, I'd just say she is very lacking in finesse but should it happen again, then she does need to be reported for making that type of call to patients families.

Jalena said...

And may i say that Mr. Young looks quite handsome in his own shirt!!! You go, girl!!!

The Brain said...

Jalena - thanks for your encouragement about getting mike feeling more normal by being in his own clothes! He never really acts like he's excited about it, but once he's in his own clothes, he clearly feels good.

Also, I told the n.p.s and the nurses about the weird phone call. I think the n.p.s are going to talk to dietary about it - particularly given the fact that this person was giving *inaccurate* info about mike's condition that she shouldn't have been. Also, by now the very sweet woman in charge of nutrition knows Mike very well and on the frequent days that he doesn't fill out his menu, she hooks him up with stuff he loves based on past preferences. This woman today was well-meaning, but clueless tis all.


Anonymous said...

Brian and I showed up for our dinner date with Mike around 5:50pm. He was sleeping in the chair with his dinner tray in front of him. We were able to wake him and got him to eat some fish, broccoli and a bit of mashed potatoes. He also seemed to really enjoy the fresh New Jersey strawberries we bought from a local farmstand and had cut into bite-size pieces for him.

(Danna, we left the rest of the strawberries there in a container in case he wants some more -- the nurse said she might put them in the fridge, so be sure to ask if you don't see them!)

Overall, he seemed sleepy and was slow to respond. We did get some smiles out of him and all of his verbal responses were appropriate. We talked a little about "the Baxman" and commented on how handsome Mike looked with his new goatee style, as he rubbed his hand on his chin to show it off. We brought him a copy of The Cars Greatest Hits and James Brown's Greatest Hits and asked which he wanted to listen to. He prefered The Cars (too bad! if we had put on James Brown, I might have actually danced for him! I only boogie to James Brown).

While we were listening to the CD, Mike's friend from ComedySportz, "Rooney" (I think his name was Steve? Oh, I'm so bad with names!!!), came in and Mike recognized him right away (I'm still not sure he knew exactly who Brian and I were). He was pretty tired at this point and dozed off and on as we talked and read some pretty lame jokes out of the "Pretty Good Joke Book" that was there. We all left a little after 7pm and let the nurse know that Mike was dozing in his chair. No really funny stories to tell, just a quiet visit.
Kristen B. and Brian P.

francine said...

Well, now that your heart is beating again and you have had time to process the phone call, you must very calmly call Mrs. Gomez back and ask for Amanda Huginkiss. It's only fair.