Thursday, May 18, 2006

[Photo c/o Johnny Vegas' camera phone: Mike peacefully sleeping today with stuffed bunny and aloha pillow - both from my 'rents]

Today is a great day for Mike. The closest to himself I have seen since his weekend home on April 1-3.

I got to the hospital around 1 pm. He had had his radiation therapy as well as an MRI in the morning. Unfortunately, the PICC line never went in yesterday. Mike got bumped down the list - so he ate nothing all day yesterday (and no breakfast this morning) for nothing! Yeah, totally annoying, but not out of the ordinary. This kind of stuff doesn't piss me off as much as it would have a month or two ago.

At least they got him lunch today - thank gosh - one of his special Mike lunches with fresh fruit and garden salad. He did great, feeding himself with just a few moments of confusion over the location of items on his tray.

When I realized how well he was doing, I took the opportunity to talk to him in detail about a bunch of things: How I went to DiscMakers today for the Art Directors to copy Mike's files off his laptop onto their computers, How Kirk and Angie would be his dining compatriots tonight, and other news about DiscMakers. I left to get him a soda and came back and asked him about the things we had talked about. He knew all the answers. I asked him 15 minutes later. He still knew. I couldn't believe it. Then I asked again - like 1 hour later. Fuzzy - couldn't remember that it was Kirk who'd be there for dinner - but recalled some of the gists of the other things I had told him.

I was shocked. So shocked that I grabbed his nurse, Monique to tell her the news and the N.P. Jaimie to tell her. Literally grabbed them by the shoulders and told them the news. “Really?!?” was the response from both.

It was as though he was really present - saying things that were context appropriate, able to continue on the current topic even with a long lull in the conversation. Even had a great phone conversation with his brother. And, as Peter pointed out in one of yesterday's comments - all this with those freaking cysts still in his head.

The man is unstoppable!

On my end, I found some more magazines to cancel. Can you believe how many magazines we get? And this is after the post-Baxter magazine cutback (once we realized we had no time anymore to do anything, forget reading the Economist).

Until yesterday, our magazine subscriptions included:


Yoga Journal

Fine Gardening

Cook's Illustrated

Cooking Light

ESPN mag
Sporting News

Entertainment Weekly

Consumer Reports

As of right now, we're down to:

Yoga Journal (trying to cancel - but they don't make it charma- friendly to do so)
ESPN mag (turns out it was free anyhow… so might as well keep getting them)

Entertainment Weekly (Can't live without it. Besides, isn't it tax deductible given my profession?)

Consumer Reports

So, you're thinking, what the hell did they subscribe to before Baxter was born? Well… those nine magazines listed in that first list plus:

The Economist

Real Simple

Sports Illustrated

The Nation

The Onion


What the heck were we thinking? I'm not sure.

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Anonymous said...

Dinner went well last night. We were a little late, but Mike's college buddy Frank had everything under control (nice to meet you btw). We got Mike (and you Danna) some waffles from Bonte. Mike said they were yummy and I had to stop Frank from tying to steal one.

We had some really good conversations. Mike was jumping in without missing a beat. It was almost like having a completely normal conversation with him. That's certainly not meant to belittle Mike. Quite the opposite, he seems to have made great strides. Then again, I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.

I asked him how his new PICC line was and he said they didn't put it in yet. I said no, Mike they put it in yesterday and he was like, no it's tomorrow now. I thought he had forgot, but then the nurse came in and confirmed the story. You go Mike proving my sorry ass wrong.

He got very sleppy at the end and forgot Angela's name saying I was married to someone named Dom. But all things considered if this was figure skating it would have only been a minor deduction and probably just from the Russian judge (they're tough).

- Kirk and Angela