Sunday, May 21, 2006

[Photos: This morning's visit to the hospital with Baxter. Mike enjoyed an apple cider donut.]

Went to the hospital with Bax around 10:30 am. Much better to go in before visiting hours start... gives Bax the run of the place. The nurses and techs had Mike all ready and up in a rolling chair in his own shirt and hospital pants. They wheeled him out into the hallway down by the sunny window. The urinary catheter is back in - must not have been a success last night without it.

He and Bax sat in the sunshine at the end of the hall and Bax was very happy to see dada. Bax did some animal sounds for Mike, and they sang the alphabet together. Mike was content, but very tired, though not as slumped to the left as yesterday. I think his sodium is up a little bit, so he's a little more upright. I brought Mike some of his favorite apple cider donuts from the farmer's market in Collingswood.

When Bax did his rendition of "ashes ashes, we all fall DOWN!" Mike said... "Interesting. I can appreciate his artistic interpretation..." Yup. Very mike.

Bax was a hit with the nurses - no surprise there. The visit was a little longer than the last. We were all together about 40 minutes.

At one point, Bax kept putting his hands into this trashcan, so I decided I had to follow through with a timeout, holding him still on my lap on a chair in the visitor's lounge. As I'm doing that, I hear something from the hallway. I run out and mike is up out of his chair! Says he needs to use the bathroom - but he's got a catheter in. Freaking A. Tend to Baby? or Dada? I take a second, run to Mike, get him back in the chair, but he's way low in the darned thing, slumped down. I slide him back and straighten him out. Bax is a little upset because I ran out so quickly. Mike doesn't get what all the fuss is about. I call the nurses on the hallway phone. "You need help?" Cammie asks. "Um... yeah. I need help." Mike laughed a little. He could tell it was sort of a chaotic moment. That spelled the end of the visit. The nurses were with us in less than 5 seconds and soon thereafter we packed up to leave.

Phew. Nice visit though. Nice seeing Mike in the sunshine and always nice seeing Bax with Mike. Hopefully tomorrow, Monday, we'll get more dirt on the status of the cysts and a potential drain on them. Not sure if it will be in the cards, though. Especially since he seemed less slumped today.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing those two together!


Anonymous said...

Baxter is such a beautiful boy!! Mike does look very content. He has his little boy on his lap. What a treat.

You are always in our thoughts and prayers.