Saturday, May 6, 2006

[Photo: today at the hospital - Bax, Dada, and Mama enjoying a few moments]

Today was a very good day - not necessarily because of Mike's condition - but because of its importance to me, to Baxter, and hopefully to Michael. My mom and dad came with me to the hospital this morning and Diane Javian met us there for moral support. Bax, Mimi, and Poppy (my mom and dad) stayed out in the hallyway outside the unit and inside the visitors' lounge just outside the elevators. I got Mike cleaned up, and his tech, Martia, helped me disconnect him and get him into the wheelchair. I rolled him into the hallway for a brief visit with Baxter.

Baxter was so calm and content. Sat on dada's lap, looked up at his face as Mike kissed the top of his head. They read books and Mike sang songs with Bax, including all the hand movements to "itsy bitsy spider" and to "happy and you know it." When Mike started getting really sleepy (only after about 20 minutes), I had Bax say goodbye to him. Bax said "bye-bye, I luh you" and gave him a couple of big kisses on the face. I started crying very hard. Mike looked up at Bax and said, "Kid, You're killing your mother." It was such a great Mike statement. Not delivered in the typical Mike way - a lot flatter than that - but still... such a Mike thing to say.

Mike seemed very happy in the moment. Not super-duper-happy, though. I mean, when I asked him how long he thought it had been since he'd seen Bax, he thought it was 5 maybe 6 days (It's actually been 5 weeks) - so for him it wasn't the emotional experience it was for us. Like I keep telling people, though - Mike's lack of short term memory is such a blessing. It's fine if he thinks he's only been in the hospital for 5 days. It's for the best, in fact.

Couple of funny things. When I got into Mike's room, he woke up instantly and was happy. I said, "What's the one thing I could bring here to the hospital that would make you happier than anything else?"
And without missing a beat - "Pie."
"Pie? No! Not pie."
"Ice cream?"
"No! It's a person. A little person."
His eyes opened up, "Kylee?" (Jae's daughter)
"Nope... close. Our little person."
"Yay! Little man!"
It was great. I hope I can do it every weekend.

I decided since weekends have lots of Mike visitors, it was ok for me to return with Bax, Mimi and Poppy and have a nice afternoon at home. I napped when he napped and had a great playdate with Heide and 17 month old Hazel, soaking up the sun in the backyard.

Bax had such a great day today. Lots of giggles. I think seeing his dad was so good for him. And then tonight, I saw him looking at one of his Sandra Boynton books, "Blue hat, Green hat." Each page has animals with hats or shirts or pants on and ends with one animal (the turkey) with the item of clothing put on incorrectly. I read it to Bax a lot. The first page reads, "Blue hat, Green hat, Red hat, OOOPS!!" And tonight, he held up the book in front of him and said, "Ooh ah, Oooh ah, Ooh ah, Uh OH!!" Like his own version of the book - as though he was reading it. I laughed and laughed and he kept doing it.

He is such a gift.


Jalena said...

I am so happy this happened. Whether its 5 days or 5 weeks or 5 months, look at the picture where they are looking at one another!!! Its worth a million dollars!!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding pictures. what a great day.


Anne Ladenson said...

Beyond wonderful. I am oh so happy for this reunion, I have tears. I hope that you can bring him weekly. I had seen another patient visiting with his baby in the waiting room last week. Such, such, such an important thing for all of you. Danna - thank you for taking the time to post this happy news.

karenle893 said...

there are no words to describe how STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL this child is.