Saturday, May 27, 2006

[Photo: Mike giving me a thumbs up today!]

Another great day for Mr. Young! Looking great, eating well, feeding himself, up in the chair, seeming quite strong. He was very lovey, too. Kept wanting to hold the palm of my hand against his cheek, eyes closed, smiling as he moved my hand along his face. He's such a peaceful person to be around. It's contagious.

He loved listening to upbeat music - both kiki's mix (which is awesome!) and one he made back in the winter.

The climate control in his room is a mess. It's really humid in there. He doesn't seem to mind, though - and they're on top of it and it will be fixed early next week (a guy came to fix it yesterday, but he needs another part).

While Mike is doing great, he still isn't initiating conversation.
He doesn't really ask any questions, either. Even when I asked if he wanted to ask me anything about home or if he had any questions about how things are going he sort of shrugged, eyes wide open, and said, "no. Not right now."

If anyone meets a nursing tech named Anthony, give him a hug for me. He's really sweet and gave Mike a great shave and a new look with more of a goatee than a beard. He also wrote about it in the visitors' log! That's the other awesome thing I keep forgetting to write. Heather - the visitor's sign in book that you left is now used by everyone - even nurses. They write when he was bathed, how much he ate, and when they brushed his teeth. They even write little tidbits about him. They really love him a lot. How could they not? Now that he's doing so well, nurses who have had him in the past come in just to see him. They all just sort of giggle and shake their heads.

I keep picturing that months from now, Mike and I will visit that unit, Mike with a plate of his molasses cookies in hand, and he'll go around hugging all these ladies who he really doesn't remember, but who took great care of him for so long. And we'll all hug and cry tears of happiness.

BTW, I told Dr. Andrews that Dr. Spetzler out in AZ recommends a 2 stage craniotomy to remove the tumor. Andrews laughed a polite laugh and said, "Well, Dr. Spetzler is what we like to call a "refined cowboy." Love it. I told Andrews I'm very content with the plan we've adopted and I'm willing to see it through. He was pleased to hear it.

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