Friday, May 26, 2006

Today is a great day! So great that I'm not even going to write much. Instead I'm going to sit down and watch an episode of Big Love on HBO on demand.

In short, today was the best I've seen Mike in 2 months. Strong (able to turn himself onto his side in bed without my help!), eyes opened wide (right eye was only slightly more squinted than the other), chipper, happy, good color in his cheeks, and charming as ever. Short term memory is still an issue, but shows signs of promise. Incontinence still a problem, and vision is still bad. He also doesn't really initiate conversation much. But -he's good at joking with you if you start the joking and talking with you if you start the talking. They think the new steriod is working for him and they changed his dose of DDAVP, so his sodium is in the 140-145 range where Mike always seems to do a little better.

So happy long weekend to all of us! And Yay for Mr. Invincible. Seriously. Imagine. He still has those freaking cysts in there - and somehow his body is finding ways around them to heal.


Kel said...

Fantastico! Glad to hear both of you are doing better heading into the weekend.

Anonymous said...

My name is Sharon and I am located in Wisconsin. Your mother gave me this website when she called to file a claim to cancel the cruise so that they could assist you. I have been reading this everyday since I spoke with her. You are an amazing woman that is for sure. I admire your dedication to Mike and Bax as well. Mike sounds like a very strong willed person also. I hope and pray that all goes well for you. You all deserve the very best.

Cheryl said...

Hi Danna -

We forgot to put this in the journal last night (Kevin was whining about he and Mike having to listen to the four women in the room...) Something is funky with the air conditioner in the room - it was very warm, but everytime one of the staff messed with the thermostat on the other side of the room, the heat went on under Mike's window. Happy weekend!

Mary Fritsch said...

Decadron huh, I am very familiar with this drug alright. My pre meds for chemo. Certainly will help with inflammation, and nausea can make you feel anxious at times when mixed with other drugs.

Its great to hear that there are some good days here, that's what you want obviously, live every victory you make here to its fullest and you certainly seem to be doing that. Danna you are so poised and strong at helping us understand what is going on around you through your words, you are helping so many without even realizing it to live stronger every day, as I say "live with intent". My daughters are following all of this too being they have been my caregivers the last two years.

Off to a grad party today and want to wish you and your family and wonderful friends a peaceful weekend. Keep up the Mike fight...quality of life baby!


Andy, Mary, Sara, Tash and Kaitlyn Fritsch