Friday, May 19, 2006 - morning

Hi all - please check your calendars and consider hanging with Mr. Young for dinnah' one night next week. I'm also looking for folks to visit on the weekend - anytime between 11 am and 8 pm. (no radiation treatment on weekends)

Go to: www.google.com/calendar
Login with the email address: 185cranios (or 185cranios@gmail.com)

Password: welovemike

Each week, I print the visiting schedule out on Sunday night and hang it on Mike's bulletin board so the nurses can see how much love he has. I wasn't sure if the nurses and docs really looked at it, but this past Tuesday when I came in, the nurse said, "Oh, by the way, this visitor's calendar is the one from last week. Do you have the new one to put up?" Which I did.

Anyhow - I guess they do look at the darned thing. Nice.


Kel said...
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Kel said...

Your last 2 post sound so great!

Di and I both have hair appointments scheduled in CC tomorrow (yeah..we’re that kind of couple) and we were thinking of dropping by to visit Mike afterwards.

Re your magazine subscriptions: maybe there are some folks on this list or even some of you neighbors who might also subscribe to these magazines already and could pass them along to you once they’ve read them? I know it’s not the same as coming home to a mailbox of new magazines but at least you’d get your “fix.” I’m afraid my magazine subscriptions are less political and more eclectic or I’d be happy to pass them along. There is always Ye’ Olde Public library. Again not as satisfying as home delivery but at least it’s free.

Bike4Sight ride is this Sunday. I’m about a ready as I can be. I’ll try and remember to take some pics and post them on my blog for all to see.

The Brain said...

Thanks, Kel. Good idea! The one I'll really miss is the gardening one. If anyone gets gardening mags, I'd love the leftovers.

Good luck on the bike ride! That is fantastic! Did you get a lot of people to give you money for the cause?

love, d