Friday, May 12, 2006

Don't forget to book your dinner date with Mike for next week - they're flying off the shelves like hot cakes.

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Very good day for Mike today. Sodium is corrected. He's more alert and funny. I tried to get him to guess what holiday is Sunday (Mother's day) and I told him it's a holiday to honor people like me. His response?

"Brown-noser appreciation day?"


"Overachiever day?"


Finally I told him it was Mother's day. "Ahhh... right."

It's hard getting Mike's sarcasm because his intonationa nd facial expressions aren't as pronounced as they used to be. Besides that, sometimes I'm actually not sure that he's joking. Even in this conversation - i think there was a part of him that might have been serious? After all these years, I still can't totally tell when freaking Mike Young is joking.

Later, the PT and OT people came in to do some therapy with him. One of them said, "Wow! You look great, Mike!" and he did a little head movement and eyebrow arch and and said all sleazily, "Why... thank you..." It was great.

He had a good lunch - salad with chicken and some juice and soda. They've taken him off of IV fluids in the hopes that he can start regulating his own electrolytes. We shall see.

In a potentially annoying moment today, a nurse came in and told me they were moving Mike up a floor to a less-monitored unit. Same nursing staff and same N.P.s and all, but still - moving is stressful. So, I hustled all around and took down the thousands of things hanging on Mike's walls and packed up all his schtuff and then..... "Stop! He's not moving anymore!" said the nurse. GEEEE-zus. Not the most organized place. So, I unpacked everything, put all the stuff back up on the walls and at least now his room's all tidy. so yes, he's in the same place - 6604b at Jefferson hospital for neuroscience at 900 walnut street.

I picked him up a new polo shirt at Target and he put it on this morning and looks great. Those hospital gowns are a drag. I think it just makes Mike feel more human to have normal street clothes on.


Anonymous said...

I am writing to let you know that I follow your updates daily and have you and your family in my thoughts A LOT. I really hope that the string of "good days" continues. Scott Caplan

Mary Fritsch said...

Your May 12th sounds all too familiar when my brother was in hospital for long periods of time. The room touches you have added and the clothes - they truly make a difference - Quality of life baby - keep fighting the Mike fight, you are doing an awesome job at maintaining - being a loving wife, mother, and friend.

Happy Mother's Day

Love Ya - The Fritschs