Wednesday, April 19, 2006

[Photo of Fractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy]

In the future, Mike will likely participate in brain injury rehabilitation at the Magee Rehabilitation Center in Center City, Philadelphia. It is among the best in the nation. (www.mageerehab.org)

Today, Mike is more out of it that yesterday. Very fatigued and confused. He did enjoy the falafel sandwich that Lance brought, along with some fruit salad. He has a fever today of 103. Not sure why. They really are unsure of what is causing his neurological problems right now (other than the obvious - a stupid giant tumor growing in the center of his head). The CT scan from yesterday showed that the ventricles are exactly the size and shape that they should be. Sodium is a healthy 141.

Dr. Evans is following through with his promise to "railroad" Mike into radiation therapy - the next logical step in dealing with this tumor. Today they brought Mike over to the radiation clinic to do the "mapping" to start radiation as early as tomorrow. Even though the place is only a block away, they had to take Mike in the ambulance for legal reasons. Anyway, that's where he is right now. If they start radiation therapy tomorrow, he'll be taking an ambulance ride across the street every day for a short round of radiation. Learn more here:



Anonymous said...

Well something's wrong. Mike should be all better today. I didn't even hit one number in the MegaMillions yesterday.

Excuse me I have to go see a man in Newark and tell him to pay a visit to God to collect.

The Brain said...

Damn, Kirk. Looks like you made a deal with a shady character.

Heather said...

Magee is great. Our niece, Tara, rehabbed there after she was in a car crash a few years ago (in which her boyfriend died). She had to learn all kinds of things over again and Magee helped her through it. Matt's going to her college graduation in a few weeks.