Tuesday, April 11, 2006

[Photo = Nemo sippy cup which has become Mike's nemesis. Diana, his nurses and I keep making him drink and drink and drink more water for the sodium issue]

Another freaking day in the hospital. Mike was in good spirits today, but it was clear that he was having some significant issues with his short term memory. And long term memory for that matter. How old is baxter? 2 years and one month (specific, but wrong. correct = 16 months). Who visited this morning? Roney? (nope...correct = Heide). Actually for 2 days, Mike keeps thinking that Steve Roney was the one who visited. Nope and nope again.

Roney, come visit so mike can be right one of these days, will you?

Mike's sodium is down (137) which is good... but then I have to wonder what the heck is causing his neurological issues.

They believe surgery to replace the bone and implant a vp shunt will be Thursday.

So, how many surgeries has Mike had and how many days has he spent in the hospital?

Surgery #1: November 11 (endoscopic resection of tumor - success)
Surgery #2: January 28 (implant catheter... miss)
Surgery #3: February 1 (move catheter... too close to artery)
Surgery #4: February 3 (cather is just right)
Surgery #5: March 20 (remove cather due to complications)
Surgery #6: March 28 (endoscopic to try to get the regrown tumor - no dice)
Surgery #7: April 4 (craniotomy to try to get the regrown tumor - no dice)
Surgery #8: April 7 (emergency surgery to implant new catheter for hydrocephalus and to remove bone plate)

Total days in hospital (estimate cause I just can't remember):

November 11-15 (Surgery #1) --- 5 days
November 20-23 (complications from low cortisol) --- 4 days
January 28-February 4 (Surgeries 2, 3, and 4) --- 8 days
March 17 - March 31 (Surgeries 5 and 6 and other complications) --- 14 days
April 4 - present (Surgeries 7, 8, and....) --- 8 days and counting

Total as of April 11th = 39


Dritsas said...

Actually, Mike isn't off the mark. Roney used to go by the name of Heidi when he was a performance artist in Berlin. It was part of a two man show called "Heidi and Heidelbert." Sadly, the two now longer speak and "Heidelbert" raises tulips in Holland. Too bad, she was great.

Sand said...

Hey! I've been feeling very far away, but now i feel so close! (closet U2 reference from the irish person in the room). Thanks Danna for blogging! Thanks Susan for creating! Thanks sippy cup for lowering Mike's sodium! Though i would be freaked out by Nemo's close range stare every time i put the cup to my lips....
Big hugs from across the Atlantic. Thinking of you all the time,
Sa xxxxx

The Brain said...

Sandra! So good to have you in the blogosphere from across the atlantic. Hugs right back at you, lassie.

love, danna

susan said...

maybe you can try the spongebob & patrick sippy cup for variety? y'know... to spice things up? water can only be so exciting...

Dritsas said...

Perhaps you're all overlooking the fact Mike is thirty-eight-years old and perhaps the Nemo-themed sippy cup is a bit... well... kiddy. Perhaps a more "adult" themed sippy cup? I bet a Betty Paige-style neekid lady on the top of that sippy would get him drinking. ;)

susan said...

dave, can you part with one of your naked sippy cups? you've got so many, you probably won't miss one, right?

Anonymous said...

Research is powerful and glad to see Josh is devoting so much time to it. THANK YOU JOSH!!!!

We are here with you all in Wisconsin. If Mike can type, keep him typing, there is so much powerful stuff going on inside him, we could all learn from him. This blog thing is fantastic! Keep fighting the Mike fight!


Mary Fritsch