Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter! Quite the uneventful Easter. Mike knew it was Easter, though. That's a big plus. "How did you know it was Easter?" "Cause everyone keeps telling me it's Easter." Duh... yet again.

This morning, his sister, Diana, and her husband, Richard, returned to Sanibel Island, Florida after over 3 weeks here in Philly. I am very sad that Diana won't be here, but she has her life to return to down there. Having a doctor in the family, and a nice one with a great sense of humor... is such a blessing in a situation like this. She has been such an amazing teammate through this process and a wonderful advocate for Michael.

Before Diana went to the airport, she stopped by to see Mike as he ate breakfast. She said he looked great - as lucid as he was last night at dinner. It seems that the mornings, just after a good (or as good as you can get in the hospital) night's sleep, are the best for Mike. As the day goes on, he (and his brain) get tired. She was even able to ask Mike questions about his own situation. Is he frustrated? (a little). Sad? (a little). Why is he sad? (because he is having to give up control - which is an amazing observation from someone who has had no metacognition for weeks). Does he feel like he's getting better? (yes, but he says he thinks it will take a couple of months to get totally better).

When I arrived after lunch, Mike had been sitting in his chair feeding himself lunch for an hour, so was quite tired. He was oriented to time and place and answered many questions accurately. The nurse and I got him back into bed and he got loopier as he drifted off to sleep. Throughout the afternoon he was in and out, with some moments of clarity and other moments of thinking that people were in the room who weren't there. But for the most part, overall, I think it's fair to say he was better than yesterday.

Tonight at dinner I asked him who had visited today... with hints: (an old friend from college) "Andy Gorman" correct. (an older gentleman [- sorry, Joe!]) "Joe Cappella" correct. (a couple from comedysportz) "Deb and Eric" correct. He did have a couple of wrong guesses in there somewhere... but really quite good. Let's hope that tomorrow we continue moving in this good direction. Still no immediate plans to step-down from the high priority ICU. Sodium is still a big issue they need to monitor, so they want to keep him where he is.

On a side note, I've thought of some random things I could use help with over the next couple of weeks:
  • ***SOLD to Anne Ladenson***Monday April 24th at 1:30 pm: Picking up my sister at the Philly airport and bringing her to the hospital.
  • ***SOLD to Rob Morris*** Installing these stupid baby-proofing who-dingies on the cabinets in our kitchen and dining room and installing baby-proofing things on the toilets.
  • My sister will be here from Monday, April 24 through Monday, May 1st. My aunt and uncle from northern NY may be coming down from about May 6-16. But there is a Mon-Friday (May 1 through 5) when I could use some help because no one will be here at the house. I figure that I can take care of Baxter, and have him in daycare until about 3 or 4 pm, while I'm at the hospital. Assuming that Mike will still be in the hospital at that point (which he might not), I would like to make sure that Mike will have people with him from about 5-7 pm each of those nights to keep him company and help him at dinner. (April 27 sold to Josh Rubenstein. May 1 is for certain claimed by Dritsas. May 2 belongs to Dondon. May 3rd is claimed by Kathy Chevoor. May 4th is claimed by Susan Murphy. May 5th is claimed by Peter Kohn and Kebbeh Doughterty) I think it's really important to Bax that he have some continuity with me at home, especially since Grandma will be gone (let's not even talk about that because I'm too sad to think about Lonia's return to Cleveland on April 23rd). Playing with Bax, feeding him dinner, giving him a bath, and putting him to bed helps both Baxter and me so much. But knowing that Mike has company will help me enjoy that time.


susan said...

I can do Thurs, May 4th... no problem. wish i could do more, but have pickle parties and school until late on Weds.. i can't wait to sing G-R-A-P-E-S to Mr. B. - CSM

Anonymous said...

what time does your sister's flight come in???

The Brain said...

Just for clarity - I'm looking for folks to hang with Mike for dinner at the hospital.

Not certain about Jae's flight. Probably around noon.

Anonymous said...

We really wish we lived closer.

Hope you like the ladyfriend company I arranged to sleep over this weekend! ;)

love and kisses,

elvie said...

Danna - two good days in a row sounds like a trend to me - I'm going over to the optimist camp - waiting for the day when Mike will be writing the daily blog...

Dritsas said...

I think I can come on May 1st. Let me check my schedule and I'll call you.

Anonymous said...

I'd be glad to hang out with Mike @ dinner time on Wednesday May 3rd. I can fill him in on all the DM gossip and I'll get out of work a little early - but don't tell my (badass) boss. -Kathy C

Hang in there Danna! xoxxox

Beth said...

Hey - I'm signing Kevin and I up for May 5th. We missed you guys over the weekend and thought about you a lot. Looking forward to getting to the hospital to see you and Mike.

I don't know that I think Dr. Evans is dreamy - is it not a good picture? I pictured him more dashing I guess - more like a Patrick Dempsey type. I did, however, read several of his articles, and it does appear that he knows what he's talking about. :)

Anonymous said...

danna have you been here at all: http://brain.mgh.harvard.edu/

friend of a friend's husband had a rare type of brain tumor (but skull based, so may be too different -- but was hitting optic nerve etc). he went to dr. leibsch in boston and got PROTON BEAM THERAPY. this apparently limits the growth but doesn't reduce the size. --t

Peter said...

I'll do the Friday, May 5. Anyone else is welcome to join me. I hope they're serving tetrazini again, with those individually-wrapped slices of white bread. Very sanitary.

Peg Walsh said...

Danna you are in our prayers.
Pat and Peg Walsh

Anonymous said...

You are amazingly strong. I hope you are taking some time out from comforting everyone else and allowing yourself a few seconds of the old primal scream therapy, or whatever works for you.
You and Mike and Baxter are in my thoughts constantly. I just found out about this blog,thank goodness, I don't have to bug Kevin and Bobbi for info anymore.
Lots of love and good wishes.
Your Roadshow Goddess (got that from Eric)Robin
p.s. Dr. Dreamy is okay, but if you spot any older distinguished guys, point them in my direction:-)

Mario said...

Danna, don't know how this thing works, and don't have your e-mail. I am off this Th-Sat. I have dentist app. with kids th. late am. let me know what I can do. What you need. My daughter is a certifide babysiter. She can sit on little kids better than I ever could.
Mario F.