Saturday, April 15, 2006

...and the roller coaster goes on.

Todays Mike's sodium was... (drum roll, please)... too high. 152. G. Dammit. I knew the second they talked about skipping his DDAVP yesterday to bring his sodium up that it would be overcorrected. So, two days ago, too high, then too low, now too high again. He is so sensitive with his sodium. It seems like it's just a very delicate balance to maintain it.

He was a little loopy when we arrived at around 12:30 pm today. Thought he was in a Bed and Breakfast. Some BnB. As Peter said, "Boy, what low standards."

I tried to insert some logic - "Mike - if we're in a BnB, why is there an IV here next to you?"

"Because it's a BnB in a hospital." Duh.

At one point Mike did get out of bed to go... somewhere. Who knows where. But in the NICU they have bed alarms, so they got him right back into bed the second he was up.

Dr. Mendell (cardiology) came in to check out Mike as he does every day. I explained to him that Mike is pretty confused this afternoon. And asked Mike, "Who's this?" (pointing to Dr. Mendell).

Guess #1: "Dr. Strokes." Guess #2: "Dr. Shaky."

I ask, "And what does he do?"

Mike's reply with a smile on his face: "I don't know but he's a g*ddamn pain in my ass."

Dr. Mendell's response: "See... He's not confused. That is quite accurate."

This morning they adjusted Mike's programmable shunt. It's like a remote control car, but instead of a remote they use a magnet and instead of a car it's a shunt... and instead of having fun you're basically miserable. Anyway, they adjusted it up to 15 ICP, so they're draining less fluid. I think Dr. Evans thought Mike's loopiness could be because they drained too much.

It's like we're in a bad episode of Goldilocks and the three bears. The one where she tries various brain tumors on until she finds the one that's "just right." Stupid tumor.

But, the good news is that at dinner tonight he was quite different. Good different. He really connected with us (Tresa, Diana, and me), ate dinner sitting up in a chair and was very lucid - not perfect, but maybe like 60% Mike. Answered almost every question correctly - even hard ones. I told him a pretty complicated story and then 15 minutes later asked him to tell me what the gist of it was. He got it totally right. You can see the gears turning in there. It's as though he's trying to recreate pathways in his mind. It's amazing. But it must be awfully tiring because after about a 1/2 hour he started to fade out. Like a flashlight with low batteries. Then it was sort of back to nonsense land - something about long lion mane hair and a "moose-tache" (pronouced like a frenchie).

Oh yeah - his bandage is off. What a badass freaking scar. It's a big S zig-zagging from just above his ear up along the hairline, back and then up towards the forehead across to the other side of the forehead. With kick ass stitches. It's hardcore. A few tatoos and he'll be ready to kick some butt. Some tumor butt I hope.


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susan said...

the news from the end of the day keeps me optimistic... esp. with what dianna was saying about it all working in there-- but just taking time to get back to full speed... tomorrow is another day... do try and enjoy some easter time with my main man baxter. love,susan

francine said...

Danna----this IS good! He's getting there...just give him time. His poor brain has been traumatized like 9 times now with each surgery. It needs time to settle back in to its old routine. :) Happy Easter/Spring to you and Mike and Baxter!

Anonymous said...

(sun am)
Well .... feeling optimistic on a sunny Easter Sunday. Danna, thank you so much for making the time to keep us all updated. Thanks for including the csz-worthy anecdotes, you ambitious little interior decorator, you. Every day what you are facing together must be SO difficult but these glimpses of Mike prove he's still in there and with time & lovely drainage he will be back in badass fighting form. Love and Peeps (marshmallow kind) from Kiki & Mike

Anonymous said...

ps: in case you were wondering the time stamp on the blog is off, when it says 8am it's actually around 11am. have a good day.

Deke Young said...

I think the BLOG is based on Pacific Time

Anonymous said...

My first blog experience!! Hope you had a chance to have a little Easter time with your two special men. Had to laugh when I read about the blog time being wrong-and maybe pacific time --and we harrass poor Mike about being confused and his support group has no clue what time it is or worse yet-what time zone!! It's his turn to have a laugh on us! Each day-alittle improvement at a time is a really good thing! A broken leg is ina cast for 6 weeks and immobilized, so a few weeks of taking it slow for Mike can do wonders. Keep up the good work, Danna Love you sooo much-Aunt Rege --now I have to figure out which button to push to get this message to you..........#^%$*-oops