Online Schedule for Mike Visits

Once again - Thank you CSM! Susan has created a Google calendar where we can all log in and simply input when we're planning on visiting with Mike. (see screen shot to the left)

If this is a nightmare for you, no problem at all - just post in a comment on the blog or simply email me when you're planning on visiting and I'll take care of putting in the calendar. What I don't want is for the calendar to make people hesitant about visiting. It's only there to help if you choose to use it.

Go to: www.google.com/calendar

Login with the email address: 185cranios
(if that login doesn't work, try 185cranios@gmail.com. Both should work)

Password: welovemike

This will bring you to a grid calendar.
Click on the time slot of the day you want to visit Mike (or whatever else you want to schedule).
This will bring up the pop-up window where you can write in your visit.
Where it says "What" write in your name and that you'll be visiting Mike.
Click "Create Event" in the bottom left of the little pop up window. This will save it on the calendar. You should see show up in blue on the grid.
This is all you really have to do.

If you want to write more information and edit the length of your proposed visit, click on "edit event details" on the bottom right hand side of the little pop up window. When done, click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.
You should see your visit scheduled on the calendar.

I have added all the visits that I knew of as of last night. Obviously times are very vague estimates - and length of visit depends on your schedule and Mike's condition. This calendar is just to give a general idea of what days and general times of day people are planning to visit Mike.



Anonymous said...

Is anyone having issues logging into the Google calendar?

I get a message that says "Inavlid email address."


csm said...

all you need to type in for email address is:


you don't need to put the @gmail.com

try that and it should work!


Heide said...

I know this post has nothing to do with the calendar, but I wanted to get it in the most recent entry.

Danna, I came across this audio NPR news story titled: U.S. Memory Champion Relates Competitive Secrets.

Check it out. Maybe we should hunt down one of these memory coaches for Mike. Like your doctor friend mentioned, Mike will surely find other places in his brain to store the information he needs to know from day to day. Hey, and if he can memorize the order of a deck of cards in one minute, then he will have a great party trick to show off!


Here is another audio article on memory, just FYI: Woman's Long-Term Memory Astonishes Scientists


Heide said...

It looks like my url links get cut off on the post.

You can find the articles here:


search for "5280031"
and "5350362"
You should get to the articles that way.

Peter said...

I thought the calendar function was easy and fun. Well, "fun" is probably overstating it a bit.