Monday, April 10, 2006

[Top photo: A normal person's clear vision with two eyes. Middle photo: What Mike sees with left eye. Bottom photo: What Mike sees with right eye.]

Well, today was another day in the hospital. No huge improvements from yesterday. Mike was a little more fatigued and had some short term memory issues - likely because his sodium spiked again during the day. Up to 159. Normal range is 135-145, so 159 is no good. They were pushing water big time, but Mike got so annoyed and bored with it, he stuck his tongue out at the water glass. Stupid water. As the day went on his sodium did go down a bit to 151, so that's good news. Poor fellow wanted pizza for dinner, but with the sodium issue that was a no no. He asked for pizza and for salad. Of course, about a half-hour after he made this request, I tried to use his short-term memory loss to my advantage and said, "Well, I talked to your sister and she's bringing the salad you asked for!" And just my luck he repled, "Um... more importantly... what about the pizza?" Damn.

Anyway, he had an IV, but those only last a couple of days and then you need a new one. Today they had 4 nurses try for an hour to get a damn IV in him - arms, hands, feet and ankles - but his veins are impossible to find (combination of dehydration and other indirect hormonal effects of the stupid tumor). Finally they put a picc line in him (See PHOTO above). Picc line gives direct access to a big ol' vein and doesn't need to be replaced as often as the damn IVs.

Why does Mike have such delicate issues with sodium? The tumor caused Mike to get a condition called Diabetes Inspidus which makes the body pee out too much water and results in dehydration. If controlled with meds it's fine, but once it takes hold, it's hard to get electrolytes in balance again.

He still can't remember who Bush ran against in 2004. Poor Kerry. So sad.

Mike also thought that our most recent vacation had been to Mexico.


Mike's surgery to replace the plate of his skull and to give him an internal shunt has been postponed until later in the week. I think they want to give him a little time to get stronger.


Susan said...

Check out the stuff I put in the treatments section. I found a bunch of stuff on CyberKnife. Definitely worth talking with Dianna and Dr. Evans about... perhaps they can explain pros/cons, etc.


Lakemother said...

That's OK Mike....Kerry was pretty forgetable anyway!!!!!

Hang in there..........

Kiki Parry said...

I don't know how you could have forgotten your recent vacation to Mexico. I mean, remember all the crap they stuffed into that Gordito? It was awesome!

I'll keep an eye out for low-sodium pizza for the poor guy. Blecch.


The Brain said...

Kiki - i know! weird. Mexico? When I told him we have never been to Mexico and asked if he would like to go there sometime he shrugged, eyes closed -- "Well, we like Mexican food..."