Lawn Mowing

It looks like with all the folks who have volunteered to do a little mowing this summer, I might not even need a lawn service. So far I've gotten offers from:

Susan Murphy
Kelly and Diane
Francine and Craig
Lance Holbert
Just added:
Eric Van Wie
Ray Schott (voluteered by his lovely wife)

I have a nice mower (brand new Troy-built shown at left) and a brand new electric trimmer. Both purchased in Sept 05 when we moved into our surburban home with yard. I'm sure I will have mowing help from my sister, uncle, and mom and dad possibly through the end of May. But maybe we could make a schedule for June, July, and August. Michael Ladenson and Jen Horner, thank you for looking into the cost of a lawn service for me. If we find a cheap deal, I may still take it and let these dear people off the hook.


Anonymous said...

Danna my friend Maria live s in New Jersey. She herself does NOT use a service but her neighboor does. It is a collective of college guys--something like that painting compnay, College Pros i think. She is looking into thta for me. I'll pass that along when I get it. Not that you have oodles of time but if you see any of your neighboors getting their grass cut ask the guys doing the work...that's how we found our service when we first moved in--which is a funny story in itself.

Anonymous said...

Um... that previous comment would be from Kelly...of Diane and Kelly.


francine and craig said...

Craig and I are pretty open for lawn mowing, but we thought we could do the first 3 weekends in June (6/3, 6/10, and 6/17).

(Or,if it works better for others, we could spread it out instead to once a month or so, eg, 6/3, 7/1, 7/29, and 8/26).

Danna, I also tend to go food shopping each weekend, so email me a shopping list if you ever need my help that way.

Anonymous said...

Did you say Lawn Service? Talk to Ray Schott...he LOVES any kinda yardwork and would be happy to help you guys out... I am sure :-)
Leslie (Rays wife)

Anonymous said...

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