Friday, April 14, 2006 - evening

[Photo: Mmmm... Boost(tm) nutritious protein shake - how Mike's been getting a lot of his calories these days. It must be good, right? After all, it is "chocolate."]

Mike got a little goofier as today went on. The resident and Dr. Evans came to see him tonight. They are giving him a stress dose of steroids and are actually going to try to get his freaking sodium up a bit. It's now 133 (normal is 135-145 and he tends to run high). CT scan from this morning shows that the shunt is in a perfect location and the ventricals have already gone down to a good normal size. That's good - but every time they rule out a problem based on a scan or a blood test or whatever, I don't find it particularly helpful. Sure. Fine. Tests look good blah blah blah, but my husband is not normal and I want him fixed.

He has a fever, vomited a bit, and was being really ... weird tonight. Trying to take off his wires and things, trying to get out of his bed or the chair without help - over and over again. I'd say, "Mike you can't. Remember you're all hooked up." And he would reply "Ok," as he was trying again to get up. He wasn't trying to be a jerk or anything - I swear he didn't register anything that was said to him.

The nurse asked Mike what his wife did for a job and where we lived: Interior Decorator. Pennsauken. Then 10th and Ludlow. 0 for 3.

When the resident began talking about how hopefully the steroids would turn him around, I got frustrated. "Turn around like better than right now or Turn around like back to himself?" He replied, "Hopefully back to himself." From the bed below us we hear a voice singing, "Turn around bright eyes...." This resident who never laughs had a good chuckle at that one.

Dr. Evans asked him where he was: A hospital. Where: St. Louis.

Needless to say, they're not stepping him down today out of high priority ICU. They're keeping him until they get him better.

The best part of my day with Mike today? I washed him up, clipped his nails and gave him a shave. It felt good to actually be able to do something.


Peter said...

Maybe Christian saved those potato chips from a couple of days ago.

elvie said...

This sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! We all know you are doing amazing things to help Mike.


Cheryl said...

Visits to Mike lower blood sugar!

Ok, so maybe it's the walk, but the only good (96!)(102!) blood sugar readings I've gotten since the Gest. Diabetes started were on the past two Fridays after visiting at Jefferson. who knows...maybe Mike can walk on water now...

Peter said...

Well, I just saw Mike in person today, Saturday, at about 2PM. He was alert, tired, thirsty, and joked wittily. He even gave polite, slightly condescending smiles in response to my jokes. (A sure sign he's on the mend.) Sure, there is some nonsense coming out in response to questions, like from someone just waking up but not quite yet awake, but it clearly has meaning -- you just have to figure it out. "Banana smoothie" wasn't just a non sequitur. The man wants a goddamn banana smoothie. And after all that "Boost," who the hell can blame him. Yuck.
I was buoyed seeing him today.
P.S.: Danna's spirits are higher, too. But don't tell her I said so.