The Baxman and a plea

[Thanks to all your help, I was able to figure this out (4/21). I used Dritas' directions, but all help is appreciated!] Does anyone out there have a Canon camera and know how to upload photos from camera to computer using Canon imagebrowser? I did it once before, but now no dice. Along with the cooking, finances, taxes, and grocery shopping, Mr. Mike Young also handled all things technological in the house.

Since posting my wish list seemed to work so well, how about some more help:

I'm in need of some research on lawn services for the summer: mowing and trimming the lawn. Anyone willing to make a few calls for me to find a lawn service around Westmont, Haddonfield, or Collingwood, NJ? It's a small lawn, but not something I need to be dealing with right now. I need estimates.

Anne has generously taken the April 24th shift to pick up my sister at the airport. Anyone able to bring my sister to the airport on Sun April 30th - leaving my house around 10:45 am? (this has been Sold to Beth and Kebbeh. Thanks you guys.)


Peter said...

I use that stupid, counterintuitive browser. Call me whenever you're at your computer and perhaps I can confuse you more.

Jeff Anicker said...

Wish I could help with camera. Being tech guy I'm supposed to know these things but I'm clueless on this one.

Also, wish Kate and I could help out with the day to day. For now if you need a shipment of scorpions or other venemous creatures which we are so fond of here in Arizona, you know who to call. Know that we are thinking of you and putting our good vibes to work for you, Mike, Bax and kitties.

Dritsas said...

This sounds like a job for Dritsas. If you are using the Mac, you should just be able to use iPhoto to import the images.

1. Go onto the Mac.
2. Go to the applications folder on the hard drive, find iPhoto and double click it to start.
3. Connect the camera and connect it to the Mac with the USB cable (make sure you turn the camera on and have the dial on top set to connect to a computer)
4. It should be detected by iPhoto. Click the import button. When it asks you if you want to delete the photos on the card after import, tell it "no" just to be safe.
5. The photos should transfer over at that point, and you can edit them in that program. It's fairly intuitive.

Call me if you still have trouble.

susan said...

do you have a lawnmower? if so, i can come over and mow. not good with plants-- but mowing i can do. susan

Beth said...

I will take your sis to the airport on Sunday the 30th. Can't speak for Kebbe, but I imagine he will join me.

Diane & Kelly said...

We're calling our friend Maria who lives in Jersey to see if she knows of a reliable lawn service.

Also, if you DO have a mower, Kelly and I can work with Susan to chip away at the mowing as well! We can divvy up the work by week or month.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Kirk from Disc Makers here. Been reading the blog and I have a proposition. Not for you or Mike, but for God. I don't pray much anymore and I was raised strict Roman Catholic (could be why, huh?). Anyway I've been pestering God to let me win the MegaMillions, but today I said, hey God I will forgo my winnings if you make Mike better. That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me and I'm not the omnipotent one. We're talking over 250 million I'm willing to part with for you Mike. That's going above and beyond if you ask me. But don't worry I'll let you pay me back in installments once you get better, at a reasonable interest rate to boot. And no acting like you won't remember me offering you this deal. It's in writing buddy.

Thinking of you and looking forward to your return.

Sand said...

I've got a Canon, but i never use the Imagebrowser programme because it's useless. So, what i do is plug in the camera (switched off, little flippy thing on the playback option rather than camera option), switch it on, and it comes up on my desktop (Mac) as an external HD. then i just pull the photos from the external HD folder into a folder on my desktop - you can open the photos with Photoshop or Preview or any of those 'imagy' programmes - OR go to OFOTO or FLICKR or one of those internet photo albums and upload them directly onto that.

This probably doesn't make any sense (i'm no techno-bae), but i'm putting it out there in case it's any help at all.
Big hugs,

The Brain said...

First of all - you guys are great.

Kirk - quite the offer. I'll take it.

Lawn-mowing folks - Michael Ladenson is looking into this and getting estimates for me. I mowed today, so we're good for a bit. The current bid is in a $30/week. If you can find cheaper, I'll take it!

Drits - I'll try iphoto and will get back to you if it doesn't work.

love you all,

francine and craig said...

Hey Danna:
Craig and I live SO close, so please keep us in mind for any NJ-related tasks. Craig is happy to help with lawnmowing on weekends (or share that with others). Either we could use your lawnmower or bring ours. Also, he's very, very handy, so let us know if you have any repairs or other such things. ALSO, I'd be more than happy to do shopping or cat-sitting or whatever. Just let us know how we can help.

Heide said...

I was going to bookmark this page in my browser, but I decided not to. I'm banking that Mike will get better soon and this blog will become obsolete. No bookmarking for me. So there. Take that stupid tumor.

The Brain said...

Did the camera thing! used your directions, Drits. Thanks so much everyone.