April 8, 2006

Slight improvements over yesterday. Mike was hard (almost impossible) to rouse from slumber most of the day and slept almost constantly. His heart rate was down (very good) and his sodium was high in the morning (165) but down to 145 by the end of the day. While it took physical agitation to rouse him from slumber, once alert, he did smile, appreciate some humor and even illustrated his sense of humor several times. Example: Me (danna) "mike, who's here in the room with us?" Mike: "Susan" (correct), "Mom" (correct) Me: "And who am I mike?" Mike: [Exaggerated feigning uncertainty] "Hmmmm... I know the voice is familiar.... hmmm... let me think. ... "

Yeah, neuro exams with a wise guy.... fantastic.

He ate a good dinner and was able to identify friends and family present in the room by name (even without opening his eye). He did not respond appropriately all the time and did get stuck on some words or phrases that he would repeat over and over... but less so than yesteray. We'll just see what tomorrow brings. love, danna


Susan said...

Got to see Mike today. Danna had the Beach Boys playing in the room (Good Vibrations) and Mike was mouthing the "bop bops". Didn't realize he was singing until Danna pointed it out!!! It was great!

Don said...

This is a great idea Susan! Thanks.

Susan said...

4/9: WOW! I saw Mike at lunch today and he looked great! He was feeding himself some yummy chicken tetrazzini and sipping some cranberry juice. Danna brought him some fruit salad (he requested it)... Huge improvement from just last nite!!!