Another lil' detail: Today (Sun) nurses asked Mike to write down...

... a list of places he and I had gone on vacation together. Just a little something to pass the time and occupy his mind. Here's what he wrote:

Vaca spots

Las Vegas (some unintelligible marks) 3 stars

Sacramento (more unintelligible marks) 4 stars.

Yes, those stars next to the city names are ratings, as indicated by Mr. Young to the nurses. The problem is, I've never been to Vegas... and I think we drove through Sacramento once on our honeymoon, and I think it was pretty gross. No offense if you're from Sacramento.

Interestingly, Sacramento appears to be in quotes. Maybe he meant a metaphorical Sacramento. Like some other shithole. Like... the hospital?


susan said...

Sacramento IS gross. I remember lots of strip shopping centers-- and the hotel I stayed in-- well the carpets were DAMP. And they had NOT just been cleaned. GROSS! Of course, not that that means anything-- I just don't want you to feel alone in your sentiments.

GOOD NEWS: Yesterday I asked Mike if he knew what tic tac toe was... and he said it was "a game you played in a 3-by-3 grid... the object is to get three in a row of circles or x's." No lie. His exact words. I didn't attempt to play the game with him... but maybe that's something we can work towards.

awesome that he's writing. that's gotta be a good sign.

Dritsas said...

Ah, but didn't Mike go to Vegas for fantasy baseball? Maybe he was thinking of that.

I would also like to point out that his handwriting, even in his state, is still more legible than mine.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was Mike and KEVIN who went to Vegas. For one of their male bonding outings, other wise knows as when Kevin and Mike were "dating"

beth said...

Yes, they did go to Vegas on their gaycation. Don't worry Danna, I'VE never been to Vegas either.

Peter said...

I'd recognize that handwriting anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Having spent 5 or 6 days in Sacramento since our arrival on the west coast, I would concur that Sacramento is a bit of a pit.

Just wanted to say hi Danna, and let you know that we're sending good thoughts your way from (not-so-sunny) California. Thanks for keeping us folks who are so far away updated with this amazing blog! All our love to you, Mike and Baxter.